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Two New Awards

Chief Bakes



With the introduction of our awards system here at Police Community we intend to introduce a series of awards that are automated and granted based upon your activity across the forum. With this in mind we have started our first two automated awards which are for a contribution to the blog section or a contribution to our downloads section. 

Some people will have already made contributions to these areas and for that we are grateful however in order to qualify for the new awards you need to post a new blog entry or upload a new file for the benefit of the community. Only when you do this will the award be added to your profile. 

None of the staff have the ability to manually add this so contributing again in these areas is the only way to add these awards to your profile. 

So - to write a blog article of what you did on duty etc then please visit http://www.police.community/blogs

To upload a new file for the benefit of the members then please visit http://www.police.community/files

All our awards can be seen here http://police.community/awards/





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