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VIP Live Support

Chief Bakes



In line with our ambition to continually improve and develop the services we here at Police Community offer to our members we realised that we need to improve the 'Priority Support' we offer to our VIP members and with this in mind we have been working hard to develop and integrate a solution that will do just that.

For those of you that know the team and have been members for a fair bit of time, you will notice how committed the team are and that they are always online, well almost always! With this in mind we are able to offer Live dedicated support to our VIP members so that they can speak with a member of the team instantly if there are any issues that you need to raise or discuss.

When no member of the team is available the 'VIP Live Support' will not display however if one of the team is online it will be available to access down the right hand side of the screen.


I have currently disabled Live Chat on mobile devices.

We hope that you will find it a useful addition included for FREE within your existing VIP packages and I guess it leaves me to say we will look forward to chatting with you live time in the future.

Chief Bakes

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