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Delinquents & Domestics - WIDOD 1




Rank: Special Sgt

Length of Service: 3yrs 

Planned Hours: 1400-2300 (Late Turn)

Type of Shift: Response


1230: Arrive at the station early as have a fair amount of admin to do for my team and upcoming meetings/training days etc. Manage to locate the infamous station fork and have a bit of lunch as of course, no guarantee I'll be eating later. After all that, go and kit up & as there's a few other SCs on the same shift, go to the skippers office to let the late turn Sgt know we're out today & give all our details etc. Massive thanks from the Sgt as his team was short so he'll make good use of us

1400: Find the other SCs and head to the briefing room and meet the team, who I work with fairly regularly. Briefed by the Sgt and given our postings, all specials are in IRVs (Immediate Response Vehicles) so smiles all round - who doesn't like blue lights & fast cards ;)!  Introductions made with the PC I'm paired with as I've not worked with him before, he goes to book out his taser & I try and source us a vehicle. Early turn had a busy shift so vehicles are a bit thin on the ground at the station. 

1445: Manage to get a vehicle & head out. PC I was with was a great laugh & one of the best I'd worked with, incredibly proactive which was excellent & something I enjoy rather than sitting around just waiting for calls to come out. We head to one of the local council estates that's seen a rise in pretty much everything recently, burglary, theft, car crime, assaults/VWI's & general antisocial behaviour. Stopped & spoke to a few groups of well-known guys, weren't doing anything particular, just a quick chat & so they know we're out and about. Continue having a look around the less glamorous areas of our ground. 

1530: Immediate call (blue lights etc for the non-police amongst you) to an 'abandoned call' with child screaming & disturbance heard in the background. On scene and no sign of disturbance at the address, door answered by young girl covered head-to-toe in flour who'd been baking with her Mum, on seeing us the Mum almost broke down in tears before we even said anything as her husband was out and she assumed the worst... which was odd! Turned out her 8 year old son had a friend over, decided to play with the house phone and dialled 999 to see what would happen. Not sure if the kid or the Mum was more embarrassed but gave words of advice given to the kid about how/when to use 999 & tried to get across the seriousness of hoax calls while not putting him off calling 999 if he's genuinely in trouble. He got the message & left him with his Mum who I'm sure had a few more words! 

1545: Almost as soon as we left the last job, another immediate call, PI RTC (Personal Injury Road Traffic Collision) on the other end of the ground, ourselves along with several other units start making our way. Bus v Moped so you can imagine how that turned out...! As we were quite a way away, ambulance & fire (due to leaked fuel) were already on scene. Scene itself was being dealt with so we assisted with road closures and directing traffic until signs were brought by Traffic. Injured party taken off to hospital, scene handed over to Traffic and some PCSOs came to man the cordons so we could get back to calls. 

1645: 'Substantial' call (relatively serious but doesn't warrant an immediate response) to some young guys on a council estate throwing food from their tower block and nearly hitting passers by. While en route, get updated that they'd now thrown a knife down towards people so got upgraded to Immediate. Knives are one of the things that still really get the adrenaline running for me but we were on scene pretty quickly. Some young local kids come up to us as we pull in, who'd for some reason picked up the knife and tried to pass it through the car window to me, blade first! Quickly got told to put in on the floor & then spoke to them about what had happened, they pointed us up to the window where the suspects were last seen. The tower block had two sets of stairs on either side with a short corridor between them where the flats were. I went up one set of stairs & the PC the other, met up where the suspects had been seen but no evidence of anything there, knocked on a few flat doors of the floor we were on but no answer (quelle surprise). We then both walked to the stairs the PC had taken, to a strong smell of cannabis that wasn't there before and got stronger the higher we went. As we turned the corner to the last flight of stairs to the top floor, our two suspects were stood there having a spliff. Both then legged it through the corridor and began running down the other stairs I originally came up to begin with. I gave chase after them & the PC went down the stairs we were on to prevent them cutting across. Love a good foot chase but doing it down the almost-sprial stairs of a tower block was something else, got very dizzy very quickly. They had the head start on me but could hear them only a couple flights below me, ran nearly halfway down the block when I heard a loud bang on the floor below. Was convinced it was them slamming the door open and cutting across to the other set of stairs so legged it across the corridor, swung open the door to the other stairs & nearly collided with the PC :huh:!! He'd not heard anyone on that side of the building so was my mistake! Got to the ground floor and they were no where to be seen. The young kids outside pointed us in the direction they'd ran so got in the car and had a search for them but was a loss loss. Slightly disappointing but some you win and some you lose!

1730: See a moped appear to turn one way, see us behind him, then quickly turn the other way and ride off at speed. Run the VRM and registered keeper is one of our well known thieves/burglars. Signal for him to stop, fully expecting him to make a go for it but surprisingly he pulls over. Had a chat and he stated he was "just out for a ride" which we weren't very happy with. Ran all his details and checked moped over but everything checked out so he was good to go.

1800: Substantial call to theft from motor vehicle, a number plate stolen from a car. Turns out it wasn't recent and the owner rarely uses the car, hasn't used it for a few weeks and only noticed the number plate was missing today. Evidence on the car it had been forced off but no CCTV in the area and neither owner/neighbours had seen anything so just needed reporting. 

1900: Back to the station to book in the knife, put on intel report re the moped stop, crime report for number plate & have some refs. 

2000: Another vehicle stop after driver decided it'd be a good idea to go straight through a red light despite the marked police car right behind him! Not a very pleasant man, "shouldn't we be out catching murderers & rapists" etc etc. Ran checks & it turned out his insurance had expired too so seized his car, reported him for no insurance & the red light and took great delight in directing him to the nearest bus stop. 

2130: Recovery arrived to collect the vehicle. Just as we got back into the car, an immediate call came out literally just around the corner for a domestic in progress, on scene in seconds. Shan't go into details at this stage as case is still open but essentially as we arrive, the guy still assaulting wife! I arrest the guy for domestic GBH & take him to custody. PC remains with the victim and takes statements etc. Quite a nasty job & one that'll stay with me for a long time. Lots of writing required so the next few hours are spent dealing with the relevant paperwork but felt good to genuinely get the victim out of that situation.

0000: Book off, head home and try to get some sleep while replaying the last job over & over in my head.


Overall a decent shift. Who says Specials just do fetes and parades ;) haha

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Chief Cheetah


Very comprehensive thanks HPE, it's hit our social media feeds and you have been awarded some points.


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