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HPE - What I Did on Duty

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About this blog

I am a serving S/Sgt with a Home Office force in England & Wales with approx 3 years experience under my belt. I know when I was applying/in training I spent quite a lot of time reading the various 'what i did on duty' threads on PS.com so thought I'd give something back and contribute myself. I will try and write up as many interesting shifts as possible, giving you an insight into being a Special in general and also some specific to being a supervisor. Bear in mind I'm no author so take them as they come! To protect my own anonymity and out of respect for those involved I will of course not be posting any dates, specific places, names or details of any ongoing investigations. As such, if you recognise any of the incidents I post, please consider these points before you divulge or add to what I have posted. As a disclaimer, times are always an estimate as posts may be from duties that took place a significant amount of time ago. All incidents are written from best memory and, as such, specifics may differ from any original & official accounts.

I am also currently in the recruitment process for a Staff job with BTP. While I highly doubt I will be able to post anything from this job due to operational info, I may make one or two posts if I can.

Hope you enjoy


Entries in this blog


Interviews: A view from across the desk.

Hello all, As many of the posts on this forum relate to recruitment, I thought I'd make a blog entry about my experiences as an SC interviewer in my force. Hopefully this will be useful to those of you who are thinking about applying or currently waiting for your assessment centres, specifically those applying as an SC. I have been on both sides of the table for SC interviews, I remember mine well & remember the feeling of being sat in the waiting room, flinching every time the door opened




Delinquents & Domestics - WIDOD 1

Rank: Special Sgt Length of Service: 3yrs  Planned Hours: 1400-2300 (Late Turn) Type of Shift: Response   1230: Arrive at the station early as have a fair amount of admin to do for my team and upcoming meetings/training days etc. Manage to locate the infamous station fork and have a bit of lunch as of course, no guarantee I'll be eating later. After all that, go and kit up & as there's a few other SCs on the same shift, go to the skippers office to let the late turn Sgt know we're out t



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