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A New Look & Membership Discount

Chief Cheetah



You can't help but have noticed that the site has changed in how it looks, well this is part of our two year anniversary celebration.  Believe it or not it is almost two years to the day since we launched.

The site was created about a week before we went live in 2014 and the moderation team who came over worked really hard for that week to populate it ready for an influx of new members.  Who would have thought that two years later we would be where we are.

We have kept the site up to to date with all the latest software and security updates and this new look you are seeing and now using is all part of that.  This new look gives us the latest forum design as well as enhanced control over who can access parts of the site.  Nothing should have changed for you in reality, you may see some areas look a bit different but if you didn't have access to them before it's just another layer of security and you still don't have access.  Of course you could always support the site and sign up for VIP membership or get yourself verified to see those areas.

As part of our birthday celebration we will be offering a 25% discount on Lifetime VIP membership.  This makes it only £22.50 as a one off payment, giving access to the VIP areas and perks.  However, this is only valid for 48 hours until 23:59 on the 31st October.  Use the promotional code 'BIRTHDAY' to take advantage of this offer.

We hope you like it and if you have any comments then please feel free to make them in the discussion thread for this blog post.

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