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US Cop Almost Killed By Wanted Male


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Disturbing video. 

Note it was neighbours who called for assistance as the officer couldn't reach his radio.


''Video released: Squad car video footage of the Nov. 29, 2015 assault of Brooklyn Park Police Officer Sean Hyman, which was released Thursday by the Police Department and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. The video does include violence and language that some viewers may find offensive.


Brooklyn Park police release video of office assault

The squad car video footage of Brooklyn Park Police Officer Sean Hyman being assaulted by Lance Carr includes several minutes of punches, wrestling and strangling as the two men struggled for control of the officer’s gun during an incident last November.

The video was released this afternoon by the Police Department and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, which investigated the incident. Carr was found guilty Wednesday of first-degree assault of a peace officer in the case. He could be sentenced to as much as 20 years, with a 10-year mandatory sentence. Sentencing is June 17 in Hennepin County District Court.

Brooklyn Park Police Chief Craig Enevoldsen expressed gratitude for Carr’s conviction, before showing the video footage, the same as was shown to the jury that convicted Carr, to members of the media at a City Hall press conference.

“We are extremely grateful for the prosecution of Lance Carr,” Enevoldsen said.

Sheriff Rich Stanek called the incident an “extremely violent assault” and that violence against officers is too common, and must not continue.

“This violence cannot and will not be tolerated,” he said.

Hyman was treated and released the night of the incident. He had less than 2 years in with the department when the Nov. 29, 2015 incident happened. He returned to patrol duties 16 days after the incident, Enevoldsen said.

The video begins with the officer making contact with Carr, during a call about loud music coming from a car in a townhome parking lot. The officer returns to his vehicle, makes radio contact with his sergeant that he’s checking for warrants and then learns that Carr has a felony warrant on a theft charge.

The assault began when the officer was attempting to cuff Carr, both men go to the ground and then Carr is seen repeatedly punching and strangling Hyman. The officer screams for help repeatedly because his radio receiver was dangling from his belt and out of reach.

The officer discharged his gun, in an attempt to end the assault, the police chief and sheriff said. The bullet did not hit Carr or the officer and the gun was disabled after that. Enevoldsen would not elaborate on how the gun was disabled.

Neighbors in the area called 911 to report the incident, and yelled at Carr to stop beating Hyman.

Enevoldsen said, based on the department’s investigation, Hyman would have been allowed to use deadly force, noting that there was no attempt to flee by Carr, or any abatement of the assault as the other responding officers arrived with sirens blaring.

“This was an attempt to kill,” Enevoldsen said, noting the officer’s efforts during the struggle. “If Officer Hyman had not done the things he did, we would have had a much different outcome for Officer Hyman and for Mr. Carr.” ''


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Pity that shot didn't hit the target horrible little rat, may not ne politically correct but no less than he deserves.

Guess it shows armed or not, single crewing just increases the dangers to officers everywhere.


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That could have gone very diff. It quickly went into a justifiable deadly force scenario. If only a citizen nearby had run up during the worst part - being face down in a sleeper hold from above - put a pistol in his eye socket and merged him with the infinite.

And this also shows that someone unarmed always has a weapon if they're close enough - YOURS.

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I actually can't believe it. That's attempted murder as far as I'm concerned.

There was no let off until literally he had the muzzle of a gun a foot away from his head.

If it hadn't been for that member of public this would be just another one of hundreds of officer down posts on social media and empty words on an obituary.

Also the officers quick reactions to the initial struggle stopped him being knocked out I imagine.

The scary thing is, most of us would probably be dead in his position.

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That was horrible to watch, but an unfortunate reality.

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That's attempted murder in my eyes and that guy should be getting put away for life. It would be a danger to society to sentence him to anything less.

Reminded me of this incident involving one of our colleagues in North Wales Police - luckily he was able to reach his radio to alert the control room:


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