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Chief Rat


Most threads in Police Vehicles are of great interest to many, and thank you to those who regularly contribute here. I would ask that we all make sure that threads stay on topic - there have been a few recently that have meandered off so that the thread no longer "does what it says on the tin". I hope that it won't become necessary to start splitting topics that do this, so please have a think before pressing the POST button - if your reply is going off-topic how about starting a separate thread?

We remain aware of the risks posed by disclosing information on vehicle information that is not available to the general public. In the past, this has often resulted in some post editing by various moderators, and I know that this topic has created much debate on here in the past. I would, therefore, like to propose the following guidelines:

1. Marked police vehicles are very much in the public domain, and as such the vehicle type, force and registration number can be posted, if it is felt necessary. There is no problem with detailing the livery carried.

2. If the marked vehicle has a marked purpose physically displayed on it in words (eg Dog Section, Marine Unit, etc) then that can also be posted, but not any purpose which would not be noted by a passing member of the public (eg firearms, or other specialist purpose). An identical exclusion applies to any codes or markings which may indicate a vehicle's purpose.

3. Operational information, such as the specific location where a vehicle is based, should not be posted.

4. Details of unmarked vehicles (vehicle types, colour, registration, or location) should not be posted under any circumstances.

I hope that a few ground rules will ensure that this forum does not become a source of information that is not available to the general public.

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