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How to legally make contact with a suspected victim without harassing the suspected offender?


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Firstly I’m not in the police 🙂 My (female) partner settled out of court (civil) with someone at work for sexual and racial harassment (it was very traumatic for her - he had seniority on her and progressed to non-consensual touching when out of sight of others). I understand legally this means nothing is proved or unproved. I’ve learned that this person has turned up at another company - and I can see on the company’s website there are two people who he may be tempted to target (young and foreign, possibly naive to their rights). Is there a way I can check they are ok or make contact with them via a third party? I want to avoid being accused of harassing the accused. The concern being he may be up to something but they may be oblivious of their rights.

Thank you for your help,


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It's not the best of ideas. Firstly an anonymous approach or an approach through a third party which effectively amounts to a third- or fourth-hand allegation without evidence lacks credibility and is readily rebutted. Secondly it's likely to be easily traced back to you or by assumption to your partner, while it would be expensive and involved for this person to seek redress for defamation it would be very easy for them to make allegations of harassment, malicious communications or simply seek an injunction and then use that to diminish your credibility or in turn make your lives difficult. Then there's the risk of repercussions and you ending up living with a campaign of fear.

Rather than assuming that something might happen, that this company might not have more robust HR procedures in place, that it might not be prevented, that it might not be handled properly, that someone might somehow need your protection because they're young or foreign, it would be sensible to remember that that is not your business. What you're suggesting sounds more like a revenge mission than a reasonable course of conduct. You've not said what your partner's view on the matter is, but it's their concern far more than it is yours and if they've agreed to settle then they presumably wish to put it behind them and move on?

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