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Best Twitter Feeds to Follow

Chief Cheetah

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So does anybody have any recommendations of twitter feeds to follow?

I'm not looking for any police related ones per se, more fun, funny, poignant, inspiring, informative that sort of thing.

Having said no Police related ones I am of course going to plug our own twitter feed which is @polcomforum Please do feel free to post your own of you like

A few of my faves are:

Angry People in Local Newspapers @angrypiln
This highlights all the people in local papers pointing at holes in the ground or looking angry with their arms folded. It must be day 1 of newspaper photographers school to get people to pose in silly and awkward poses

RAF_Luton @RAF_Luton
The "official" twitter feed of of the world's most mysterious & secret (and fictitious) military base.  It's not so much the funny tweets they produce but the replies that you need to watch. Hilarity definitely ensues.

Mehdi Sadaghdar @ElectroBOOMGuy
Just a guy who does things with electrical things but often manages to blow himself up (he clearly does it on purpose and for effect). You will definitely learn stuff on here though.

Live tweets from 1943 @RealTimeWWII OK so this one is almost through being at 1943 but rest assured that when they get to the end of WW2 they start again.  It's like a live twitter feed throughout the 2nd world war as it happened.

I have many more that I follow that are funny and amusing or interesting and informative but before I bore you with them let me know some of your favourites.



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It's been a fair while since I've used Twitter if I'm honest I can't even remember my login details or even twitter handle. 

Some that I used to follow which always had me in stitches were @JamesBlunt, @VancityReynolds, @KathyBurke & @rickygervais. 

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