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Why wasn't this guy done for GBH/ABH?

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Chief Cheetah

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Reasonable Man

Whilst each case has its one nuances the broad brush reason is that the maximum sentence for robbery is life imprisonment and for ABH/GBH it’s five years. 

Both offenders were sentenced to more than the minimum for an assault. 

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On 20/10/2019 at 21:12, ChristopherM said:

For those who have been watching the Met Police documentary on the BBC: https://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/news/17978550.bbc-cameras-capture-police-investigation-moped-mugging-edgware/

The guy who punched her was only charged with robbery, why not ABH  or GBH?

The offence of robbery requires use of force (or the threat of the use of force) in order to steal. The actual assault is part of the robbery itself, as opposed to a separate offence, which is probably why robbery attracts a maximum of life imprisonment to cater for when someone is seriously assaulted. 

There is also the offence of ‘assault with attempt to rob’, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. This further reinforces that the ‘assault’ element is part of this variant of robbery.

I understand that this offence is used where robbery cannot be proven but where the intent of the offender can be. For example, the suspect may have made significant statements or admissions in interview but they victim may not be willing to cooperate or otherwise may have the potential not to be a strong witness.

That’s my understanding at least. 


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