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Peeing outside

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Is it illegal to pee outside behind a bush or wall because there is no public toilets?

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PC Will

I'm not sure on the entire legal standpoint on this... however.

I've been both a special and now a PC, working in two different boroughs of the Met's territory.

Every officer I've been out during this time has a common sense approach, i've only been to one incident like this, a bloke I thought was ****ing in the street in a side road off a main road late on a Saturday night, with nobody around, we'd have turned around and stopped to chat to him, but I wasn't 100% sure that's what he was doing, it looked like it but i couldn't be sure, so rather than tell someone potentially innocent off, i'd rather just leave it.

As a rule of thumb if it's done out of public view, a bush, in an alleyway, behind a load of parked cars = If seen by an officer, likely no action, or possibly words of advice.

Obviously different if joe bloggs walks down the road and whips out his chap and does it there in the middle of a busy main road, PND or arrest for outraging public decency.

Myself and other officers have, whilst on duty, had to find a bush or an empty park to go for a **** in, as we're miles from the nearest station and all the shops/fuel stations are either closed or have no toilet for public use.

Of course, when we do it, we always make sure it's out of public view.

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