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Can you claim IOD if not Medically Retired


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Can anyone help me with this one please as I cannot find a definitive answer 

Is it possible to claim an IOD award if you retire normally after 30 years as I have been deemed permanently disabled by the SMP but have unfortunately been retained by the Chief. I have almost 29 years service so I will have to stick it out and suffer with the injury along with other medical conditions for another year if necessary but wanted to know if anyone knew whether once retired normally and not medically that I could claim for the IOD ? 

I know that I can retire now and get an immediate pension due to being deemed permanently disabled but this is obviously without The ill health enhancement and I can only take a 2.25 commutation, but I would like to know where I stand in respect of the IOD award as I don't want to lose out on this , so would like any advice please from the wealth of knowledge this forum has been to me.

Thank you in anticipation 




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