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Ill Health Retirement and Legal Action


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Hello All. 

I am wondering if anyone could shed any light on the above subject. I will be short and sweet. 

Sergeant with 23 years service, retired from my force in September of last year. I was diagnosed with PTSD and the job has admitted that it is an IOD. Today I have received my certificate for my injury award which Kier are processing as we speak. I am in Band 2, 48% disabled and it is permenant. 

Throughout my time suffering and battling on at work, when off sick and during the retirement and IOD process I received very little support. I loved my job and was reasonably good at it. I believe that if I had been given some help when I asked a few years ago, I would still be doing the job now. Instead, I am a bloody wreck. Full of anxiety, struggling to cope from day to day and I feel very bitter about the last few years. 

Do I have a case in a civil court? My pension has paid out and I am grateful of that. The IOD award is will help financially too. However, this is a benefit that I paid into and I am entitled to. I can’t help feeling that I have been a victim of the organisation casting me aside and doing nothing to assist in my wellbeing. I have many emails and an audit trail of the attempts that I made (backed by the OHU) to move away from the frontline and recover. Certain bosses never allowed that and I was simply told to get on with it. 

I have signed no agreements (I know officers who have been asked to sign a form of legal understanding prior to retirement) and wonder if I am entitled to compensation. The money is not the issue but would be nice. What would be just and fitting in my eyes is for the force to have to sit up and listen. To be shown for who they are and appreciate just what they have done to me and my family. I feel that the pension was a way for them to brush me under the carpet and forget about it. 

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. 



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