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Ill health retirement


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Hi I'm looking for advice regarding my situation. About 12 months ago I was diagnosed with sever degenerative disc disease in the neck, lower back and arthritis in the hips and knees. I was taken off the front line and put in the office, however due to the intensity of the pain I was only working 4 hrs a day and taking regular liquid morphine medication. 

I went through the process of the SMP following many consultations with specialists who stated, I will need a knee operation and a new hip. This was on top of the excruciating pain I had in my back and neck which was inoperative and I would need to attend the hospital pain clinic regularly, to manage the symptoms. Throughout this time I was deemed to be permanently disabled however I still attended work taking morphine but no implementations or adaptions were forthcoming from the OHU or HR. 

I have just been through the process of retirement on grounds of ill health and this has been refused by the chief and low and behold a desk role has been created, with a special desk and chair. In my medical notes it specifies with my condition I will not be able to sit for more than 10 minutes before I need to have a break and move around and all the consultants have stated any desk job would aggravate my condition which will get worse in time.

The federation were initially very good and said I wouldn't be retained as there is no suitable role I could perform, however as soon as the chief made his decision all my options were watered down and suddenly told to look at my options i.e. my current pension to date and sell my house to downsize. 

The federation have now made an application for legal advice regarding disabled discrimination at work with regard to my disability, as no implementations or help received whilst I was at work, however the federation have made the application and not myself so if this is initially turned down due to the content as there is definitely a case, ill have to look at other methods to seek legal advice. 

Can anyone give me any advice to move forward with regard to getting the correct support, and is there anything I can do when I've tried the new adaptations and I have been set up to fail, as I take everyday as it comes to manage the constant pain . 

*What do I do if the fed appointed solicitor declines help following an application made by the federation . * what's the next step about the chief retataining me against medical advice ? 

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