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Refused A20 Ill Health Retirement


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After 25 years service I've been off for 2 years and been on Zero and Half pay for 18 months. We are in dire straits financial as they are refusing to retire me. I'm permanently disabled from performing the normal duties since 2009. I asked for my decision to stay under A20 be reviewed. They have twice recommended I be retained. They have no identifiable post for me that could accommodate my conditions- 4 level degenerative lumber discs which I was originally A20 in 2009, they degenerated from 3 level to 4 level with significant change. In addition I have 3 level degenerative discs in my neck. Heavily worn Raidial Elbow Head and have Depression along with the stress and anxiety. Full of medication and all sorts. 

We went for a Judicial Review as they failed the original process but they wanted to settle out of court so the solicitor said yes. But that's all they did was do it all over again and retained me saying I could do a "Prevent" Role. Those who know the "Prevent strategy" knows it would be impossible for me. I'm broken and can't go on for much longer. I joined in 1992 I have 4 months short of 26 years service and I'm 50. I need help please.....

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