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injury on duty and ill health retirement ????


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First post, appologies for asking a question straight away.

I was injured on duty nearly 4 years ago and have been on retricted duties since. I found a job I thought I would be able to do with my little health issues, however I am now finding it very hard.

I have been classed as "disabled" and have great difficulties in walking/sitting for any period of time. My original injury has been classified as an "industrial injury".

I have 20 pensionable years of service in the job.

Where would I stand if I was offered a ill health pension ?

If I had 26.5 years in, I know I would get the full amount (?).

Would I get some kind of injury award as I am not able to do the full 30 years due to my injury ?

Just worried that I am going to loose a great deal of money if I am offered (ill health retirement) and I accept !!!!

Any help/suggestions would be greatly received.


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The site below will work it out to the penny. Basically at your service, it is your service + 3.5 years added on free. Paid immediately as a lump sum if you choose to take one and a monthly income (and possibly an injury award depending on the state of play).

The beauty of it is that it's paid the day you leave and indexed linked the day you leave.

Rough guess 90k and around 1k per month (and any injury award)

There are plenty of threads here all about pensions and Winsor - suffice to say we are very skeptical that anyone will get an 'old style' medical after 2015, even if pension protected.

But us? We're just cynical - hang around...it's a barrel of laffs and very educational


Just checked - adding a year on to your current service to allow any pension to be processed, and yeah depending on things like age etc you are looking at 100k and 1k a month....

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If you are 'ten year pension protected' we'd assumed your medical pension was safecpost-2015, but that may not be the case...there are a couple of things in the works to nail the facts down...a letter to the policing minister and an FOI request...

Obviously, if you are not 'pension protected' then you are looking at a transfer to the 2015 pension scheme after tapering (protection post 2015, if you have any....) and the new medical pension that awaits...

Under those circs some would be very skeptical that they would choose to give you the old style medical before then as it would be cheaper to keep you on for the lottery that is Winsor and his plans for restricted officers....

In short....lots of imponderables...

Arbitration decision due December, Home Sec to decide in January...

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