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I am 50 , 7 months before I get my 30 years in and want to go asap,does anyone know if I leave before my 30 does it have a massive effect on the commutation figure. I have done a calculator which shows me losing about 7k off my lump sum but someone has stated it has much more of an effect as its not possible to commute as much percentage wise if you dont do the 30.Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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If you leave prior to your 30 years which you can as you have reached the age of 50 your commutation will be greatly reduced. You would only be entitled to 2.25 x your final pension.

Go to 


And put your figures in on the second option which work out commutation. At the bottom of this page shows you what you would get if you leave between 25 and 29 years

For example my salary is 42252 sergeant with competency.

My lump sum at 30 years when is £144000 without the tax and £152000 if I decide to pay the extra tax

If I retire with 29 yrs provided I am 50+ my lump sum would only be circa £60000 however my annual pension would be more as I am not giving up as much of my pension for commutation.

Hope this helps you. You either go on ill health or smile and hold out until 30 years.

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