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BBC The One Show. Retired police officers required


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My name is Rosie Goodwin and I work for Real Life Media productions a Television company based in Leeds. We are the major independent supplier for The BBC One Show.

As part of a series we produce for the One Show called ‘The Day Britain Changed’ we are looking at the introduction of the Breathalyser and the impact this had on Drink Driving in the UK and the police’s ability to prosecute people for this offence.

Our presenter for this item will be Rav Wilding and we would love to set up an interview with a retired Police Officer who remembers the introduction of the Breathalyser in 1967. We would discuss the public reaction at the time and how life changed after its introduction.

I’d love to chat to anyone if they have the time my contact details are as below.

With very best wishes,

Rosie Goodwin

Direct line 0113 203 4060<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

BBC the one show real_life2010-07-14 15:43:39

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