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I have read with interest the movement of UK police officers to Canada.  I am interested in the reverse.  I have 28 years experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( I was young when I joined). I am only one generation removed form Scottish/Irish anscestry and as such I believe I qualify for a five year work permit. At the same time I am researching to locate documents allowing me to apply for Irish Citizenship.  I am just curious about the possibilities in law enforcement. 


My duties have included traffic duties,  road supervisor, criminal investigator, community policing, First Nations policing, and Detachment Commander.





Bob Shedden

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Hi Bob, and welcome.


Not much recruiting in the UK at present, for example: that West Yorks Police are recruiting for one week qualifies as 'news' in a separate thread. 


Can't help with the nationality issues, not my field.  Try direct contact with the Met Police, as the largest Force they might have the most accurate answers.  MK
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