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Hi all,


Does anyone know of a scheme whereby your commutation can be released by way of loan or other scheme. prior to retirement


I'm sure I read an article about it somewhere, but my sight as well as my mind may well was probly playing trick.


Anyway , if anyone DOES know what i'm waffling on about, any info would be appreciated!


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I've seen an advert on telly offering advances on retirement payouts. I can't remember who it was, but you are definitely not imagining it.

Whether the scheme would apply to a police pension, I don't know. Bear in mind that our scheme isn't like those offered by insurance companies. We don't have an individual pension "fund" as such. The payouts come from serving officer salaries, rather than cash in the bank.

Your local Fed should be able to advice in more detail.

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Thanks for that!


Thought I was on my own for a moment.


I'll have a chat with my Fed rep




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