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A poll! A poll! - WINNER


The new Police Community Poster  

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OK we admit it.


We found it hard to pick an overall winning design from the poser competition that closed on Friday.


In light of that, we whittled a larger number down to the four posters you see here now. We now give you the chance to choose.


We had some cracking designs, so thank you to all of you who submitted, but here is the final contenders.


Note that the numbers are not consecutive since these the designs we based our votes against.
















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  • Management

Errr no, but thanks for asking.


I'm sure whoever created number 11 will be able to amend to correct the mistake.

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Number 6 the Free Booze one was my favorite. Very Bullshire police-esqe.


However the fact that none have "Soap's impeccable comedy" as a feature of the forums disappoints me.

Edited by Soap
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A very difficult choice,I loved the way all the various topics were shown coming out of the ether as it were on number three, giving the viewer all the info about the forum they needed or could read about,on the other hand I also liked number eleven which had a bit more bright and cheery colour scheme/look about it, anyway I've voted for one after much deliberation.Rich.

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Good luck all, I have to admit that I'm a fans of all of them in their own ways, though perhaps there's a little too much information on the top one, but would work really well as a flyer to have a stack of in communal areas!

Can't decide between them however, soooo I'll leave the voting to those who can!

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We have a winner!


Well done to the designer of poster No.3 with 16 votes - so well done to




To claim your prize,  raise a support ticket choosing the Claim My Prize as the support department.


I'd like to say a big 'well done' and 'thank you' to everyone who submitted a design.


in line with the guidelines of the competition, please all, feel free to download this poster and print it out and display everywhere you see fit.


Please visit the 'Download Centre' and Police Community Artwork Category and click to download.






Voting is now closed and though your vote will not register, you may still be charged.

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That was the other reason I wasn't voting :P

Congratulations to all the other entries though, fantastic work :) and thanks!

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