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Personal vehicle leasing


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Hi all, 

I'm just wondering whether anyone has any experience with leasing for personal vehicles. I'm currently looking to get a new car as mine is on it's way out and can't decide between buying a second hand car or going with a lease. 

Has anyone got any pros/cons, handy or horror stories they can share?

Does anyone recommend any particular company?

I've looked at CPC drive which is run through my work and I find that simply too expensive. 

Thanks in advance. 

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I have been leasing for the last year. I got truly sick of second hand vehicles suddenly requiring tons of money being spent on them.

I use a local company, and it was painless to sort considering I had no previous experience of it. I pay every month and give it back after 4 years. 

I have a suzuki vitara (stop laughing) as for me it was a compromise of cost vs kit. Nothing could come close to it. I pay £169 a month, £1500 initial deposit. VED is included, as is breakdown cover. I won't have the option at the end to own it, which is great! 

As for the car, its ace. Handles surprisingly well, does a real world 49 mpg (1.6 petrol), fast enough and has enough toys to keep me happy and is big enough for my family of 3 and 2 dogs. The carwow review sold it to me. 

Leasing isn't always the cheapest way, but for me it's peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, I chuck it at the dealer and get a courtesy car. Edit, it's had no issues except for the automatic tyre pressure monitors sometimes having a hissy fit and pinging a warning. It's common across many vehicles and usually resets, but if not I chuck a couple of psi in from the on board compressor. Had it maybe 4 times since I got the car. No real issue. 

Hope that helps! 

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