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All kitted up and ready to go..




So I arrived at the station for my first ever shift as a fully attested special constable. Although my rank still stands as "trainee" special constable, it still feels good to finally be allowed out on the streets. 

So it was a Sunday afternoon at 14.45. I made my way to the second floor of Maidstone police station and knocked on the LDPT (local district police team) sergeants office. I informed the SGT who I was and he told me to go wait in the office in the next room. 10 minutes went by, which felt like an hour. He called me into the briefing room and my first ever police briefing had begun. Who got told of some potential wanted people and I got told who I'd be crewed with. We got a vehicle and off we went. My crew mate was a regular PC and a great one at that. Very funny and welcoming. We done a bit of "hunting", as he liked to call it, and mainly went to the more rougher parts of Maidstone to see what we could find. 

To sum up the evening, I carried out a s23 MDA persons search, s1 Pace persons search and assisted my colleagues in the vehicle searches for both the above. We also had a failure to stop however this didn't make off at speed. When the guy finally stopped he blamed it on the blue Xmas lights hanging off his mirror and claimed he didn't see us. (Ok then!) After a stern warning, we could smell alcohol coming from him and noticed a can of Stella in the driver side door. A breath test revealed 23mgs of alcohol in his breathe, very lucky indeed. 

Overall, a very good first shift and looking forward to my morning shift on Tuesday. 

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So last night yet another shift. Saturday night in Maidstone. The night started off with the usual biscuits, tea and briefing. The formal part out the way. We checked our emails and off we went. To sum the evening up, I started at 21.00 and didn't finish till 08.30! I managed two arrests and 1 stop and search. The arrests came from a prison recall due to breach of licence (which meant we turned up at the suspects house at 00.45, nice wake up call) and the second was a male involved in a RTC which had collided with some parked cars. The road side breath test failed so off to custody we went. He blew 87 and 89mgs in custody. Interview this morning then charged. 

Those were my first two arrests and my God was I nervous booking them into custody. But glad it's done and it can only get better.

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