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The Beginning...ish




Now every good story starts from the beginning, however, this is not something I can do as my mind does not stretch that far back and I would be making it up otherwise. And with this being the first blog I have ever even composed It may not read fantastically so you'll just have to put up with it

I shall go back as far as I can remember...

once upon a time in a land far.... no wait that's something else

It's about 2230hrs,  late in the year so by this point it was dark and it was cold, now having been a special for some time I am independent and can crew with other specials.

I get into the station, which is an outpost so it's just me there, and kit up. I put on my Stabby, fleece, grab my bag and coat and look for a set of keys.
As my luck would have it there is a set of keys for brand new car! [yes actually new] with only a few miles on the clock. I grab the keys and my radio battery and head out to the car, after checking emails and making sure my PNB is up to date.

I put my kit bag in the boot of the car, do the walk around checks to make sure everything is working (lights, sirens, horn, wheels....etc) turn on my radio and tune in to the local channel. At the moment my oppo is not due for another hour. I hear comms asking for units to attend an ASB where there has been injury , I head to back up in the first instance. I get there and all is as was described over the radio, it is a small version of chaos.

I attend to a male on the floor with a head injury whilst other officers start trying to sort everything else out. Ambo arrive, this male is going to hospital, no questions about it. Off goes the ambo with me in tow behind. We get to the hospital and me and the male have a chat he's going to be patched up and it may take some time so details given and we arrange for him to come to the station to give a statement at a later time, I leave him in the capable hands of A&E staff and off I trot.
By this point my oppo is at the station ready and waiting, so I head back and pick them up, apologising for the..... slight... delay. we both the go out searching for wrong doers and awaiting the next job to come in.

it gets to about 0200hrs and comms shout up asking us to help in the search for a missing person who has vanished from where they were supposed to be, as I said at the beginning it's dark and cold and late in the year, so there is concern for this person and their welfare, after 45mins of searching along with other officers we do not locate them. comms redeploy us to a possible criminal damage whilst other officers continue the search.

We spend a good 30mins searching for any signs of any damage to anything and turned up nothing, so whatever it was that had been damaged had long gone before we got there. At this point I am starting to flag, I haven't had a coffee all shift and it's been a long day at the day job before so we both call it a day. I drop my oppo off at the main station and head back to my outpost, where I de-kit, turn my radio off, hang up the keys and find I've done about 150 or so miles...

I get in my car, turn on the heating and put on some planet rock where I head home for a coffee, some food and some much needed sleep



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