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A month or two ago I had a call about a found pig.  I knew that there was a litter of 2 week old pigs down the road from where the call was so thought it would be no problem to grab the piglet and toss it in the pick-up truck and return it.  I arrived to find a 350 pound sow with auction numbers painted on her back. Well fudge, that is NOT portable. So I drove around knocking on doors for awhile and finally discovered it belonged to a friend of mine whose husband had bought it on a whim.

 The look on her face when her small daughter asked if it had green numbers on its back and the answer being yes was priceless.  So she hooked up her horse trailer and we proceeded to where the pig was and the fun began.  We tried bribing the pig and almost got her to go into the trailer then she changed her mind and ran the other way.  We tried several more times to herd her into the trailer to no avail.  The pig was now loudly protesting.  We called some pig experienced persons to help us.  Meanwhile the pig kept trying to get back out to the highway.  I managed to rope her which resulted in more vocal protestations and a cessation of movement.  Finally her husband arrived with several full sheets of plywood and a broom handle.  She was persuaded to get into the trailer just as the pig experienced persons arrived.  Pigzilla went home and met the butcher three days later.  



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