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Moving Vehicles From Cordon - Section 33 Terrorism Act 2000

Chief Bakes

Moving Vehicles From Cordon - Section 33 Terrorism Act 2000  

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  1. 1. Choices

    • A: Only Inspector POLVEY.
    • B: Inspector POLVEY or PC JAMES.
    • C: Any one of the individuals (Inspector POLVEY, PC JAMES or DC FREW) may give the order.
    • D: None of the officers, as this order can only be given by Superintendent UNWIN.


  • Management

During the course of an investigation into terrorist offences, Superintendent UNWIN has authorised the placing of a cordon (under s. 33 of the Terrorism Act 2000) in a street where terrorist offences have taken place. Inspector POLVEY and PC JAMES (both officers in uniform) and DC FREW (an officer in plain clothes) are involved in the investigation and are assisting in the placing of the cordon in the street.

Once the cordon has been placed it is decided that all vehicles in the cordoned area should be moved. One such vehicle belongs to HITCHIN who is sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

Who, if anyone, can order HITCHIN to immediately move his vehicle from the cordoned area (under s. 36 of the Terrorism Act 2000)?

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