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BBC - Four Hours at the Capitol


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Excellent feature length documentary just released by the BBC about the US 6th Jan assault on the US Capitol at DC.

Shows some sheer strength and courage from various police officers that day and the lunacy and uncontrolled violence by the rioters.

I know people take the mick out of the US law enforcement officials, but really they are not that different from us and this day was well documented and worth a watch.

Lots of public order footage and obviously some terrible areas in pre-planning by the US Government.



In this immersive, character-driven account, protesters, rioters, police officers and members of the US Congress and Senate recount their experiences in startling detail. Frontline police officers reveal how they engaged in bloody hand-to-hand combat with thousands of rioters armed with tasers, sledgehammers, baseball bats and knives, while some from among the rioters explain how they broke through the police lines.


Five officers lost their lives (four suicides, one died in hospital after a beating) and four rioters (one shot by USCP).

One MPDC officer very nearly died after being dragged into the mob, after helping pushing them out of a tunnel.

Warning: Very bad language & unpleasant footage.


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