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Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

4 years ago, I received a "warning letter" through the post from the local police for what was described as "kerb crawling", based on cctv recording that they obtained whereby my car registration had been picked up. I am based in London, England. 

I have fully acknowledged their warning and educated myself about the impact this has on people involved and local community. 

The warning letter did not state whether this would be recorded as a part of my criminal record. Nothing further came of this ordeal. I attempted to contact the police team who issued these letters, to enquire how this may effect me going forward, however I didn't quite understand answers provided and I am hopeful that they could be answered here... The police team in enquired with mentioned that this would be held as police intelligence and this would be the end of the matter as long as this vehicle does not come to their attention in the future (which I haven't). The data will be held for 5 years approximately. Currently, I can no longer get hold of this police team to derive further info from... 

I am now in the position of applying for a new job, whereby I am required to undertake a "standard DBS check", which from my research will search the PNC for any conviction history that I may have. I have applied for and received a subject access request from ACRO that states "no information is held about you on the pnc", which is what I expected as I haven't been in any other kind of trouble with the police, other than the warning letter that I received. 

My questions are;

Will/should this warning letter show up as a "warning" record on the standard DBS check? 

Are warnings for adults usually recorded on local police systems or elsewhere, ie pnd, pnc?

I have searched the Internet, and tried to query the police force who are redirecting me to the 101 number, but could not find out how this warning letter will affect me in terms of criminal record checks. 

If any one here could clarify a few of these points, that would be greatly appreciated as I am in a great amount of stress over this... 

Thanks once again for reading. 

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Chief Cheetah

Any advice on a specific area of law is from either currently-serving UK police officers, and is offered to the best of their ability, or from members of the public who are perhaps aspiring to be serving police officers and may not hold the necessary level of knowledge to provide such assistance or by any other member who may offer their opinion. Either way such advice can only be treated as an opinion and nothing more. Members should look for the Verified Members Badge that appears on the posters name as advice from members holding this badge are verified police employees. The information is based on their own individual experiences, expertise and training. It is stressed, however, that if any information or advice found in these forums is used by any person or organisation, then the respective police officer(s) and staff can not and will not take any responsibility for any outcome in any investigation in a criminal or civil enquiry. Any advice or opinion offered is to the best of the individuals knowledge and ability based on the information you have supplied, and we will stress that we will never be knowingly misleading or untruthful in content.

[*]Please note, we do not offer advice or assistance in order to avoid penalties that you have incurred or maybe pending.

[*]Such requests are deemed to be of an Operational nature and against our main Forum Rules.

[*]You should always seek Legal Advice from a Qualified Solicitor in the event of any impending prosecutions or other involved legal matter.

Administration Team Police Community

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It’s hard to know without being the team in question, but I’d guess from how you’ve described it that it’s only held on the local force database. Also, such a warning wouldn’t show on a standard DBS check. 


(individual view, not an official answer)

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