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Importance of Assertiveness and Negotiating Skill in Policing

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I’m a Policing student and I have been asked to identify the importance of the above as viewed by officers themselves.

I would be very grateful for any input people would like to make. It would be wonderful to know why assertiveness and negotiating skills are important to you and how you use these in your work. 

It would also be really beneficial for me to know what the pitfalls can be too.

Thank you for your time. 

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There are times when you need to be assertive, to set the tone and limits of a situation. If you don't or can't then you may loose control and that leads of offences and the increased chance of being assaulted. 

On the flip side, if you can't talk to someone, can't negotiate, then that can also lead to unnecessary violence and offence. 

Its worthless to give your third warning of doint do X or I will do Y, if you don't or can't do Y. 

What's better, tasering someone on sight or trying to talk them down from whatever it is they are doing? Both, it entirely depends on the situation. 

I have talked people down and I've tasered immediately. Both were OK, hopefully 

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