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Investigation into the effects of stress, anxiety and depression on serving officers

Paul Gullon-Scott

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Ladies and Gentlemen I am currently working in the digital forensic unit in Northumbria Police, I am also a Maters Psychology student at Northumbria University I'm currently entering the thesis stage as such need to run a large scale study.

For my thesis, I would like to study the effects of anxiety, depression and stress in serving UK Police Officers, ethics for this study have been granted by Northumbria University. 

 the study will consider the following:

H1: Hypothesis 1: As length of service increases, officers will develop their own coping strategies thus lowering the prevalence of mental health problems (i.e. lower stress, anxiety an d depression).

 H2 1: Hypothesis 2: There will be sex differences in the level of reported stress, anxiety and depression. Women will report more symptoms than men, which would be consistent with previous research (Habersaat et al., 2015a).

H3 Hypothesis 3: Uniformed officers are more likely to be exposed to traumatic events on a daily basis so it is therefore anticipated they will report greater feeling of stress, anxiety and depression than those who are employed in less confrontational roles, such as administration roles where those members of staff do not come into contact with the general public.

H4 Hypothesis 4: Officers perceived social standing among their peers will differ across departments. It is anticipated that uniformed officers will perceive themselves in a lower social status and score higher on the stress scale than plain clothed officers.

H5 Hypothesis 5: Those who report higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression will report lower satisfaction with life. Additionally, stress, anxiety and depression will predict satisfaction with life.

H6 Hypothesis 6: Those who report higher levels of conscientious and lower levels of neuroticism will report lower levels of stress. Additionally, conscientiousness and neuroticism will predict levels of stress. been  

The survey which I have setup takes 6 minutes to complete I would be very grateful if you would click the link below and take part, the survey is totally anonymous and the data collected will be destroyed at the end of the study.

Many thanks in anticipation of your participation 


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