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What should we prioritise or stop doing

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So, I’m sure many would have head the comments made by Phillip Hammond in relation to surging resources from other areas to tackle knife crime and moving away from lower priority crime. 

Now, this has got me thinking. This is a senior member of the government. If we then add in the obvious, 20000+ cops gone in the last 9 years, thousands of CSO’s gone, thousands of civilian staff gone and demand sky rocketing.

The reason for the post is to generate some discussion and to see what people think could/should be dropped down the list of priorities or what we should stop doing altogether. If you were a chief officer what would you be doing less of? 

No organisation in the world can lost such a huge percentage of resources and money and somehow do more, it doesn’t make sense.

If we are reaching a point where we are now breaking and struggling to deal with demand then maybe we need a drastic look at things.

Do we stop investigating offences where an allegation is made after 6 months or more after the offence? ie no more historic allegations? 

Do we completely stop responding to concern for welfare jobs? 

Do we stop looking for regular mispers? 

Can we radically reform our custody suites? let’s speed up the process. 

Do we stop dealing with low level domestic violence/abuse where the victim doesn’t support? 

Do we stop dealing with drug offences altogether (with the exception of trafficking/supply) 

Do we stop investigating summary only offences? (Record and immediately close) 

Should we signpost Mental Health calls back to the NHS / crisis teams etc and refuse to deal? 

Or, we do simply not do things in such a thorough way? Do we ignore the HMIC and the likes? 

There are probably hundreds/thousands of things people may come up with.

To make clear, I’m not necessarily saying I agree or want any of the questions I have posed, but, something surely is going to have to give. We aren’t going to be fixed and the government clearly feel that we have enough resources, regardless of the realities.


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It was a typical statement from this government. Blame everyone else apart from themselves. Perhaps we can stop protection officers for politicians.



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Part of the problem which seems to strike me as crippling is the seemingly lack of accountability of other services to actually provide the service or care they are specifically in place for. 

NHS Mental Health Services which have made significant improvements have allowed people to go off and come to significant harm, so much so I personally alone have a number of experiences where if I had acted in a similar manner I'd have been sacked and likely prosecuted YEARS ago. The level of accountability subjected onto police officers as individuals compared to NHS/Social care staff is massively different, with police being held to an unreasonably high level of accountability in comparison. 

Don't be fooled though, I'm not leveling the entire blame at social services or NHS door, this situation has come about because of police policy 10+ years ago where the likes of ACPO and our chief officers thought it was best practice to become societies out of hours emergency service for mental health and social care issues... We took on these problems rather than deferring them back to the services who were far better suited to deal with these problems just seemingly unwilling to do so. This mindset in my opinion led to the problems we are seeing now. 

Then you have the issue where we have neglected crime and disorder in favour of frankly safeguarding and social work and crucially central government targets... It brings us back to the age old question just what are we the police here for? My personal opinion especially with the Home Office forces is that not enough proactive police work is being done within communities and the result has been the current lawlessness we see frequently within our towns and cities now. My local force until recently ditched neighbourhood policing entirely for a response only model, this saw rising crime levels in my area... Massive amounts of crime infact.

Now neighbourhood teams have been reimplemented (no where near what we once saw) but things are better now than they were... I think we need to get back to basics and concentrate on areas of policing which have been neglected. 

Broken windows and all that... 

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Its not so much a question of what we stop doing but how  we do it as I can't imagine that any CC, PCC or Home Sec would be bold enough to say enough is enough.  

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What the government and public don’t realise is that many areas of police work have not been getting the attention they deserve for many years due to the cuts. Another reason why we are in this mess.

We don’t have officers sat around or flexibility within the forces to deploy additional officers into problem areas. Each “business area” is at or below minimum numbers.

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