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Biometric Security in UK Airports - A must or human right violation


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Im just doing my final year project on Biometric Security in UK Airports. Today we are seeing more and more of our human rights being taken away from us. But when it comes to biometrics security in aiports, do you think it is a necessary or inflicting human rights. Some people believe the implementation of biometrics system in the airport is really to gather personal information which could be used a crossed the government to implement something more sinister, ie new world order/ totalitarian etc... It would be good to see from a law enforcement point of view on this subject for my report. Please can you go the below link and fill in my survey and tell me what you think.


Thank you so much for your time.


BTW : Im a cyber security student and would love to get a grad job next year. If you are recruiting please send me a message. :)

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