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Dissertation Police Officer Participants Needed


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Attitudes towards Victims and Perpetrators in Sexual Assault cases

As part of my final year psychology dissertation at Buckinghamshire New University I am collecting data to assess the attitudes towards victims and perpetrators in sexual assault cases, particularly rape. I would really appreciate if anybody could spare a few minutes to take part by clicking on the following link https://www.psychdat....asp?SID=163801

Please see below a bit more information about my research.

This research is intended to investigate if victim or perpetrator blame of a rape is increased or decreased dependent on whether they have a mental health problem. The aim of this study is to build on existing research to assess whether specific factors can influence victim and perpetrator blame, and whether mental health can contribute to this. Women who suffer with mental health problems have been found to be at an increased risk of becoming a victim of this particular crime, however research has found that their cases are more likely to be dropped due to victim credibility, and those that are not are less likely to end in prosecution. This study will use two groups of participants, one of which will be police officers, and the other group will be a community sample. Participants will be asked to read a scenario and will then be asked to complete two questionnaires.

Thank you

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