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Request for survey participants


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Dear Officers,

My name is Jaysan Charlesford; I previously served as a Police Community Support Officer, and I am currently completing my PhD in psychology at Plymouth University. My research project is exploring the relationship between the UK Police service and the Black community. During my time as a member of Police staff it soon became clear to me that the media portrayal of Police officers as generally ‘anti-Black’ was, at best, a great oversimplification of the complex issues of operational policing. Labelling the entire Police service as ‘racist’ is neither helpful nor accurate, and so the whole goal of my research is to correct these misperceptions.

To understand the complexity of the relationship between Police and the Black community it is necessary to gauge the point of view of rank-and-file Police officers, who have often not been given a voice in these issues. For this reason I am now asking for your help. Below is a link to an online survey that will ask you questions about the ways in which you have interacted with the Black community during your duties, how you view the Black community, and how you feel the Police are viewed by the Black community. Some questions will also be about your broader outlook on life.

Participation takes 15-20 minutes, and is anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked for any information that could identify you personally. Your data will not be reproduced individually, you may skip any questions you do not wish to answer, and you have the choice to end the survey at any time if you feel uncomfortable (if you do end it prematurely, your data will be destroyed).

Please click this link to participate, and I hope you will accept my warmest thanks for your help with this: https://ryersonpsych.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bdNy2tzPlVxv1XL

Jaysan Charlesford

PhD Student

School of Psychology

Plymouth University

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