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Assistance required for research into Trauma Support for Emergency Services


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Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Emma and I am an Ex Member of Police Staff having worked for 5 years in a Police Control Room

Having worked worked for Police, I have seen the effects of PTSD and Burnout first hand and I believe this is something which is very important and needs to be addressed by emergency service organisations, by completing this survey, you will not only be helping yourself and your collegues, you will also be providing valuable statistics which can be used for future research.

Since leaving the force I have retrained as a Psychotherapist and am looking to collate data and evidence around Post Traumatic Stress and Burnout in the Emergency Services. it is an are I am intensely passionate about and I feel that more robust changes need to be made to provide more support to operational staff.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous, even down to which organisation you work for with only the basic details recorded.

Individual results will never be disclosed however a copy of the report will be available for download and for public knowledge when completed.

If you do want to know more or even share your experiences with Trauma support within your organisation any comments or opinions would be gratefully received

Thank you very much giving up your time to take part in this survey


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