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Bates Delta 8 Boots - Brand New (Size 7)

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I have a pair of mens Bates Delta-8 boots in size [uK] 7 which are brand new and unworn (as they're too small for me... I bought the wrong size!)

They're 8" and have a side zip to make them quick and easy to put on etc. They also have the 'individual comfort system' which is a bit that you can move inside the heel to change the cushioning of the sole...

Here's what the retailer I got them from (for £100!) says:

Full grain leather and ballistic nylon uppers. The Delta range feature the Bates Individual Comfort System Technology (ICS)- A breakthrough in advanced comfort technology that gives you the freedom to choose the setting that provides the most comfort and support for you.

Breathable mesh liner

Water Resistant

Non-metallic, Security friendly - Undetectable in electronic security enviromnets. Footwear features non-metallic shank, hardware and construction

Cement construction - Similar to athletic/running shoe construction, this method is lightweight and highly flexible

Slip resistant - Has passed SATRA WTM144 test for slip resistance

Side Zip - Allows for ease and speed taking or putting on footwear

ICS - The products with this technology have a midsole containing a removable disk that can be rotated among four zones to control firmness, cushion, inward and outward stability.

Firm Zone: Set the dial to F position to increase energy return

Cushion Zone: Set the dial to the C position to increase shock absorption

Inward Zone: Set the dial to the I position to reduce inward tilt and maximise natural walking motion and stability

Outward Zone: Set the dial to the O position to reduce outward tilt and maximise natural walking motion and stability

Here's a picture:


According to Google Shopper the low end online price seems to be just under £80.

Anyone want to make a sensible offer? :rolleyes:

Please feel free to PM so that I don't miss any posts in here!

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