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Equipment FOR SALE


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I am currently selling the following equipment. I have gathered it over the years and all that is for sale has been bought by me and was not police issue.

Reason for sale is I no longer require these items as for once I have kitted myself out with what I need. There are no police markings on any of these items.

Leather Rigid Cuff Holder£15 (used but still fit for purpose)

Speedcuff Case£5.00 (Never been used)

Niton 999 Vest Carrier £30 (Used but in very good condition, size large)

Belt back support £3.00 (never been used)

Medium size utility belt with secure clip £3.00 (never been used)

I will combine the back support and belt for £5.00 if anyone is interested.

If anyone wants the lot will sell for £50

Message me if you are interested.







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Ok will sell the lot for £40 if anyone is interested.

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