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Private vs Classified Ads

1. This area of the forum is provided primarily for forum users to buy and sell goods privately, and for private individuals or companies wishing to place commercial "classified" advertisements. Private buy / sell / want advertisements can be placed free of charge by Power Users. "Classified" advertisements may only be placed by prior arrangement with, and approval of, the Site Host.

Policespecials.com not to be a party to any contract

2. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, PoliceSpecials.com or their associated sites shall not be a party/parties to any contract arising from goods or services featured on this site.

Each sale is strictly between the seller or his/her agent(s) and buyer or his/her agent(s), and any dispute arising from that sale or want, howsoever caused or interpreted, rests between the two.


3. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary Policespecials.com or their associated domain names:

3.1 Do not endorse any product advertised here

3.2 Do not take any responsibility for any product advertised here

3.3 Make no warranties, either express or implied, in relation to products advertised here

3.4 Accepts no liability in relation to the description or fitness for purpose of any product advertised here

3.5 Do not accept any liability whatsoever to any person arising from anything in connection with a product advertised here

Limitation of liability

4. Except in cases of death or injury caused by their negligence, if Policespecials.com or their associated domain names should be found liable in any way their liability shall be limited to £1.

Provisions to stand

5. Should any provision contained in this document fail or be struck out then that shall not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions, so far as is possible.

Policespecials.com etc. not to act as vendors etc.

6. Policespecials.com or their associated domain names do not act as vendors or traders for the purposes of any Act, Regulation or rule of law, nor do they act in the course of a business, trade or profession.

Statutory rights not to be affected

7. Nothing in this document shall affect the statutory rights of another, except as permitted by law.

Variation of terms

8. Policespecials.com or their associated domain names reserve the right to alter these terms without notice.

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