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  1. Officer well-being must not be overlooked, says Fed. DCC Adrian Hanstock Retention and rest day cancellations are still undermining British Transport Police workforce morale almost a year after HMIC raised the issue, the federation has claimed. In February 2017 HMIC inspectors found BTP was regularly cancelling officers’ rest days for “regular events”, resulting in an estimated £4-5 million annual overtime bill to cover “predictable demands.” The report, which was only published last month, said a BTP deployment programme, introduced to analyse how BTP’s frontline resources are being allocated, discovered frontline uniformed officers and staff weren’t well distributed geographically and did not have the right shift patterns to meet demand. In April 2017 new “corporate” rosters were introduced to help tackle the problem but the BTP Federation disputed Chief Constable Paul Crowther’s claims about the success of the new shift rotas. Divisional commands were allowed to propose their own rosters, which were rejected on the grounds they failed to meet demand. The proposed rosters would result in about 1,000 rest days being cancelled each month and 230 fewer officers and PCSOs available on Saturdays (a key day for the force), the federation was told. BTP Federation Chairman Nigel Goodband said CC Crowther has claimed the current roster is “already having a positive impact in officers' work/life balance and ability to plan time off with more certainty.” “This is at odds with the feedback we receive from officers. I accept rest day cancellations have reduced but there is still a long way to go and we regularly receive evidence of shift patterns being altered that would suggest it isn't as successful as described. “Our main concern remains the 'fatigue factor'. Although the rosters may meet demand, what is the impact on performance and more importantly, what about wellbeing?” He told Police Oracle although the new rosters have been designed to better meet peak demand times such as Saturdays, the knock-on impact on officers’ welfare has not been addressed. “The new rosters mean officers are working increased anti-social hours and the impact upon officers’ ability to perform should not be overlooked. “If you have a Saturday rest day cancelled the officer will want another Saturday back. But they may only get two weekends in nine off and it can be months before they can apply their additional rest day. “Officers are very busy, very tired and very committed, nonetheless the self-motivation, commitment and pride is wearing very thin. “Retention is also another issue that needs to be accounted for.” Deputy Chief Constable Adrian Hanstock, chairman of the Demand Programme, said the current shift variations were in fact implemented in response to a 2015 staff survey. He said the alternate rosters proposed by officers were turned down as “it would create the situation where too few officers would be on duty at key times of the week, particularly on Saturdays in order to meet the commitments of policing those travelling to and from football matches, leading to regular and unwelcome cancellation of rest days.” DCC Hanstock added: “Throughout the Demand and Resources Review programme there have been regular meetings and consultation sessions, including visits by the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable to various locations across the country to gauge the effectiveness of the model. “In addition the BTP Federation meets regularly with the Chief Constable and has a standing place on the Demand Programme Board. “Since the rosters were introduced, cancelled rest days have reduced by a third. As a consequence of having a more consistent duties model, planning for major events enables rest changes to be advised at least 90 days in advance in line with police regulations. “Vacancies across the force and the impact of unplanned abstractions (i.e. sickness, short-notice leave, temporary promotions, etc.) will invariably mean shift times can be extended or changed at the last minute, however, it is unlikely that any roster pattern could accommodate this degree of unforeseen change across such a broad area of coverage.” A BTP spokeswoman said more than 200 probationers are expected to join the frontline over the next three months. More than 200 probationers will graduate from our training centre over the next three months and have been posted to frontline roles bringing additional operational resilience to meet the demand. View On Police Oracle
  2. Hello all, We're currently having our shift pattern looked at and the one which seems most likely at the moment is the 6 on 4 off pattern (2 days, 2 evenings, 2 nights and 4 days off). Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Week 1 Days Days Evenings Evenings Nights Nights Off Week 2 Off Off Off Days Days Evenings Evenings Week 3 Nights Nights Off Off Off Off Days Week 4 Days Evenings Evenings Nights Nights Off Off Week 5 Off Off Days Days Evenings Evenings Nights Week 6 Nights Off Off Off Off Days Days Week 7 Evenings Evenings Nights Nights Off Off Off Week 8 Off Days Days Evenings Evenings Nights Nights Week 9 Off Off Off Off Days Days Evenings Week 10 Evenings Nights Nights Off Off Off Off Now I quite like the look of it but the only two issues I can see are you always go into your rest days after nights and you only get two full week ends off. The other ones you either start after a night shift or it's split (eg one week you have the saturday off and the next week you have the Sunday off). Now I'm not overly concerned about either of them as your only doing two night shifts so I'll recover quickly and not having a family I don't worry to much about weekend but some colleagues will. For the people that have done this pattern I'm just wondering what there thoughts are on it. Any problems or issues you've found. Work have also given us the option to put forward other ideas (if they listen is a different matter) so just wondering if anyone had any shift patterns they think are better than the one above. The only shifts they won't entertain are the 12 hour shifts. Any comments are most welcome. Cheers
  3. ForceHQ

    Day 1

    Rank: Special Shift: Response The previous week I collected most my operation uniform, minus my CS and radio from the central store at the forces HQ. I had taken it home opened it all and possibly tried it all on my bedroom. I looked like a police officer but I didn’t feel like one! Finally after what seemed like the longest week ever I was driving to the station for the first time, I drove through the metal gates and parked. I got all the gear id been given and attempted to carry it all towards the station, not that I knew where the door was. I found someone and just followed them, it’s a small station really but at the time it felt huge. I introduced myself and found my tutor officer who showed me were all my stuff goes and gave me tour of the station. I got kitted up and followed my tutor into the briefing room. It was like the first day of school, except everyone seemed to like me, to my face at least. After introductions the sergeant gave the briefing and off out we went, first job was to get my CS and radio conveniently from two stations on opposite sides of the force, still it was my first time in a police car so it wasn’t all that bad. At this point I still felt a con artist, people looking at me assuming that I was a cop… fools. Once I’d collected the bits I needed we headed back to the station I was based at. The intention was to get coffee and go through my folder with my tutor when some cops who were not in the briefing asked if we could assist with an arrest attempt as there are only two of them in today. Perfect my tutor seemed to think, I was less sure. Anyway we went outside and it transpired the other cops worked on an offender management team they and now we were off in the van to try and lift a wanted man who was a known fighter and runner. At the address we cover the back and the others go to the front. The man did think about running as he opened the back door, however he saw us and was sensible enough to go back in and let us all in. I watch and try my best to learn ‘the way to do it’. We get dropped off at our station as the van goes to custody. I get properly introduced to the rest of the section and had some coffee with everyone. I don’t know why but I though they’d all be anti-specials and miserable and grumpy. Turns out not one of them are and welcome me onto the team. We head out in the car to tour the area and look for anything suspect. Almost straight away we get a job on the radio, a domestic, and it’s my first blue light run. My adrenalins pumping and I feel like I’m ready for anything and everything. That’s until we pull up and I remember I still have no real idea what I’m doing. It turns out it’s a verbal argument of access to a child and nothing major, however it’s in at the deep end as I do my first (of many) domestic forms under the guidance of my tutor. We resume and drive around some more, and then some more. My tutor has me check almost every vehicle we pass to get my radio confidence up, much to the annoyance of the control room operator. We eventually return to the station and look through my folder and wait for change over time. Still I feel like I’ve learnt a lot but I’ve also realised training school was less helpful than I expected and that I knew very little. I put my kit away in my locker and just before I went I introduced myself to the local inspector and advised my sergeant and tutor that I’d be in for the next two shifts as casually as I could. Secretly I really enjoyed myself and seamed to get on with the team really well, and couldn’t wait to be back.
  4. Fingers crossed you'll see the funny side to this write up... It's the first one I've done and probably the last one I'll do as well. This happened on a Friday lates shift, 1700-0300, on Response in a "mid-sized" town in the South West. 1645 - Get kitted up and take a reasonable amount of abuse from my team for annoucning that I'm going to BTP as a regular. 1700 - Briefing. Just the usual, few high risk mispers and a few vehicles to keep a look out for. Radio is pretty Q and there's only 3 open logs in the town. Really quite unusual. 1730 - Get a point to point to comms requesting that I attend a breach of restraining order. Cut and dry usually - make sure I've got my statement pad with me and some exhibit labels. 1810 - Arrive at IP's H/A and take a statement. More than one breach, still no major issues though. Plenty of evidence to prove the breach which is a result. IP was fairly anti-police as a result of past experiences so it was a good opportunity for me to try and win her back around by being the "friendly face." I completed a risk assesment as a result of the previous DV nature between IP and suspect. This comes out as high risk - alarm bells start to ring here. 2000 - Get back to the nick and run the job past my sarge. Inspector got involved as high pri. Told them I'm happy to do the high pri file myself so as to ensure we had as many units out and about as possible. 2030-0330 - Writing up the high pri-file. If anyone ever tells you that the amount of paperwork in the Police has been reduced, they're lying. Whilst I believe that everything I put in the file needed to be there and was relevant, it takes a long time to do it! All the time I was doing this there were more immediates coming in than we had resources to cope with. What with my job being a high-pri I wasn't prepared to leave this as I had assesed the danger of serious harm against IP to be substantial and real.
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