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Found 29 results

  1. PC and shift allowance

    Can anyone tell me if you get a shift allowance as a PC on top of your starting salary (as a percentage)? Or is it just the basic starting salary plus any overtime that you work?
  2. Start Date

    Any tips on what to study before starting?
  3. Hi all. Just wondering if there are any Dyfed powys people on here for the proposed April 2017 PC intake? I'm aware that new recruits started this week from discussions and posts on here. Has anyone heard any details on how many posts are available? A start date, etc....... Or any info really? Thanks
  4. I have just been made an offer to start on the 27th March 2017 at Henden for foundation training as a PC. Anyone else here due to start then?
  5. PCSO to PC

    Hi. I wondered if anyone can help, a person passes as a pcso with one force and passes as a pc with another force at the same time. The pcso start date is before the pc start date, could the person start as a pcso say for example 6 months and when the pc intake in the other force is ready, could they then hand their notice in with the pcso post to become the pc? I have read that some forces require you to be a pcso for 2 years in force before applying to become a pc, wondered if you already have an offer elsewhere whether this may differ? And as it's out of force? It maybe something only HR within the force can answer, but thought I'd air it on case anyone was aware. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks
  6. Becoming a PC - My Blog

    So, taking influence from @Eddzz!! and his wonderful blog, I've decided to post my own spin on what it means / involves to become a PC. I got the official go ahead about 2 1/2 weeks ago that I had been successful and I would be on the next intake, which starts on Monday October 24th. Lots of paperwork, forms and signatures to complete before then. I've been invited for a pre employment day on Saturday 15th October at the force training school. This is to be shown around, meet your new trainers / colleagues and to go through the uniform fitting again. I say again, as up until last month I was a serving special constable for the same force. It all started when I moved from Wales to England to live in Kent. I met a girl who's from this area and things kind of went from there. I didn't have any friends, family or close connections to spend time with so it was all very difficult. I joined the specials in June 2015 and I instantly fell in love with the job. The unpredictable nature of calls, tasks and day to day activities still makes me smile now. My current job is working within forensic mental health services, which sounds great, but can become boring at times - so the change is very much a good one! I feel a sense of personal proudness to not only become a special constable for one of the UKs largest forces, but to also be on the verge of becoming a full time PC. It's really been a long and difficult road but soon to be over. I aim to share my experiences and what it's like to be a PC and hopefully inspire more of you who wish to follow suit. I will update again sharing what I get up to on Saturday at the pre employment day - if there's anything you wish to know or ask, don't hesitate to comment! Dan
  7. Hello guys and girls. I have just sent in my application form into surrey police. I live in Suffolk and I am a special already. I am undergoing a CKP with policepass. I'll keep you posted each Step of the way.
  8. Hi everyone, Thought I'd set a topic up for all those applying in the latest MSC to PC recruitment. Feel free to post any questions you may have regarding it!
  9. Please see the following links for North Wales Police recruitment updates. Police Community NWP recruitment updates Official NWP recruitment section
  10. Hey all, I currently have an application in with a force and have so far passed the SEARCH assessment centre and am awaiting my final interview. Another force currently has open vacancies for PCs. I have contacted said force who have said they would accept my transferred SEARCH score in an application. Question is: would I be able to submit a second application to another force whilst a current application is still in process? Way I see it is that if my interview in the current application goes tits up then I have another chance with a different force relatively soon after the fact. Let me know. Cheers.
  11. The thread name is a reference to what I've been told my a lot of PCs who describe the difference between being a Regular and a Special. This thread is directed towards those who started off as Specials then became PCs. Apart from the obvious, what are the differences for both roles? From the PCs I've spoken to, I've gathered a collective opinion as follows: 1) Getting used to shift work whereas Specials can obviously choose when to volunteer 2) A lot more responsibility for following through on jobs 3) A lot of paperwork Does that sum it up? I have opinions from some who work in the service who say that they know Specials who then became PCs. These SC to PC individuals then realise that it's ''so different'' that they don't like Policing anymore. I am a Special btw keen to become a PC.
  12. West Midlands Police PC recruitment 2015

    I thought I'd start this thread due to the lack of WMP forum activity. I had my final interview two weeks ago and I am currently waiting to hear back. I was told there were a number of intakes from November 2015 all the way though to early 2017 depending on how well candidates performed throughout the recruitment process - higher scorers starting first. Is anyone else in a similar position? It seems to me that they're leaving it very late to inform people of success with a potential November intake considering most employers will require a months notice and candidates will need to find living arrangements pretty soon! Anyone currently training with WMP may be able to shed some light on this?
  13. Hi guys, So had recruitment already happened for 2015? I've checked out the recruitment webpage which states "We will be re-opening our next recruitment campaign during 2015". What's the deal? I'd be interested in putting in an application. I'm a Special over in North Wales waiting for recruitment windows to open and the West Mercia area isn't too far for me to uproot to. That is, unless, they only recruit from their Specials / PCSOs / locals? Let me know! Cheers, Ed
  14. Becoming a PC just got a little harder. http://content.met.police.uk/Site/whowearelookingfor From Monday 20th July, in order to be eligible to apply to become a new police constable in the Met, you must also be able to speak one of the below 14 languages (in addition to English): • Yoruba (Nigeria) • Hebrew • Arabic • Hindi • Punjabi • Italian • German • Turkish • Greek • Spanish • Polish • Portuguese • Sinhali (Sri Lanka) • Bengali
  15. August PC Intake

    Hey all, anyone else on board for August PC intake?
  16. Hi all, Just joined today after much lurking. Unsure if this fits here or elsewhere, but my topic for discussion is what second job can I do which will fit in around being a response cop? I'm approaching 3 years service, love this job despite the constant media battering we get. I'm on the old payscale so I accept it's not a badly paid job by any means but I would like to get another job/hobby to supplement my income, particularly as I still rent and want to build up some deposit money for a mortgage. I'm on a 6 on 4 off pattern so I certainly feel like I could do a couple of days work each set of rest days. I do whatever overtime is going but thats quite irregular. I've thought about it and most part time jobs don't really work with a rolling 6 on 4 off pattern as my days off are different each calendar week. I enjoy driving so have thought about casual driving jobs, which I reckon I'd need at least a C category licence for so there is a cost in obtaining that. Any ideas, inspirations or opinions please?
  17. MSC to PC

    Wondering if anybody on here is preparing for their MSC to PC day 1? I am and am very nervous to say the least :-) Any tips would be hugely appreciated!
  18. Recruitment Deadline - 7th May

    Kent PC applications close on the 7th May, get yours in now! http://www.kent.police.uk/join_us/police_officer/pol_off.html Good luck to all of those who have already applied.
  19. RecruitmentThe recruitment window for Police Constable will open on the 18th May. For all recruitment enquiries please email mfss.resourcing@cheshire.pnn.police.uk There will be a PC awareness seminar held on the 28th April An Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop will be on the 6th May. You can book onto the workshop via our current vacancies page. There will also be a Seminar and Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop made available to Female and BME Applicants only. The seminar will be on the 29th April and the Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop will be on 7th May 2015 To book onto these please email positive.action@cheshire.pnn.police.uk - please be advised the Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop is now fully booked. We will also be holding live Q & A sessions for those who wish to ask any questions relating to the role or the application process. These dates are; Tuesday 12th May 12:00 - 13:00 and Thursday 21st May 18:00 - 19:30 Cheshire Constabulary currently adhere to the national College of Policing recruitment process, and would like to highlight that due to the high volume of application forms that we receive, and the initial standards that have been set, we may not be able to progress candidates who do not achieve a competency based question score of 11 and above at the application stage. Those that are unsuccessful at this stage of the recruitment process can apply to future PC campaigns, but we would recommend guidance is sought around the application form. Interested in becoming a Police Constable in Cheshire?Being a police officer is not just about having a demanding job. The public have to be able to put great trust in police officers who hold very significant powers and responsibilities. We’re Here is our commitment to the public to address the issues that they tell us are the most important to them. The commitments cover four key areas of our business: We’re Here Where You Need Us, When You Need UsWe’re Here for VictimsWe’re Here for JusticeWe’re Here for CommunitiesThe Standards required of a Police Officer are laid out nationally in the Code of Ethics. Before deciding to apply to be a police officer please read the Code of Ethics and consider very carefully whether these are standards you can commit to demonstrating at all times both during and outside working hours. You should also complete the pre-application questionnaire to check your eligibility and suitability for the role of a Police Constable. If after reading the Code of Ethics and completing the questionnaire you are sure that a career as a Police Constable is for you, you should read the relevant pages on the website which will give you the information you need. Change in recruitment processThe recruitment process for Cheshire Constabulary has changed. Like many other Forces, the Cheshire Constabulary has moved towards requesting that those joining the force as a police officer do so with a professional qualification. This brings the police service in line with other professions, such as teaching and health, where those applying to join must have first completed a relevant academic course. Certificate in Knowledge of PolicingCheshire Constabulary is committed to ensuring it attracts the highest calibre of people, from as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible, as Police Constables. The College of Policing has recently recommended a minimum eligibility criterion, for Police Constable Applicants, to attain the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing (CKP) The College of Policing website has more information about the CKP and independent providers of the qualification. Change to SEARCH Assessment Centre pass markWith the requirement to complete the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing qualification, Cheshire Constabulary has also reviewed the SEARCH Assessment Centre pass mark. It has aligned it with the national recommendation and has adopted the national pass mark of 50%. Anyone who has achieved a SEARCH result of 50% or more within the past 12 months is now eligible to apply to Cheshire Constabulary, subject to meeting the minimum eligibility criteria of the CKP. Policing, Law and Investigation Foundation DegreeThe Constabulary has joined with the University of Chester in offering a two year Foundation degree course in Policing, Law, and Investigation, with the option of an additional third year to attain a BSc. This qualification has been designed to equip aspiring police officers with the relevant skills and knowledge required for a career as a police officer and students on this course are required to become a Special Constable in order to achieve the practical learning outcomes of the course. An exciting and rewarding careerWorking as a Police Constable is an exciting and rewarding career with the chance to explore acadamic and vocational opportunities. Not only is the selection process rigorous and demanding, but the policing role itself asks much of officers who are appointed. The job is mentally and often physically challenging and requires personal energy, resilience and commitment. Attributes and valuesSo you want to be a Police Constable? You'll need to have the following attributes: Honesty and integrityPhysical fitnessSensitivity and tactCommunication skillsDrive and determinationRational decision makingAn ability to work independently and as part of a teamBut first you'll have to meet our minimum requirements for age, residency and physical fitness. The Standards required of a Police Officer are laid out nationally in the Code of Ethics, which can be accessed via the College of Policing website. https://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/pcs.aspx
  20. PC 2015 recruitment

    Hi all. Anyone on here currently going through the process? Stay safe!
  21. Pc recuitment

    Anyone heard more about thier submitted applications ? Also can anyone confirm that they have got rid of responae shifts and now everyone Is classed as NPT but on a response shift rota ?
  22. New PC Problems

    Okay so today I just built a computer, but its being a problem child. anyone got any ideas? Specs are: AMD FX4300 HyperX 8GB 1866Mhz DDR3 EVGA GTX 750 SC MSI 970A Motherboard Corsair CXM500 SanDisk Pules 128GB SSD Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Its currently refusing to display anything, even with a different monitor and was displaying earlier Currently had 3 BSOD in the space of an hour. Installation of EVGA programs and drivers arent working properly. FireFox crashes instantly
  23. Recruitment Timeline?

    I'm just interested to see where people are at in the PC recruitment process. I've been through the process for Special, PCSO and now PC so I know it can be long, drawn out and full of delays and confusion! I'm currently going through recruitment for West Mercia and the text at the bottom of e-mails stating ''no decisions have yet been made regarding the intake date or the number of student officers we will recruit'' mixed with he wait isn't making me feel any better. Confirmation application received 30/10/2014 Received CBQ results, passed 06/12/2014 Vetting forms received and sent off 23/01/2015 SEARCH Assessment booked 25/01/2015 SEARCH Assessment centre 10/02/2015 Received SERCH Assessment results, passed 26/02/2015 Awaiting date for Final Interview
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Constable David Mitchison shoved man so hard he cracked his head on pavement and needed hospital treatment, court told PC David Mitchison leaving Birmingham Magistrates' Court A police constable shoved a drinker so hard he fell and cracked his head on the pavement when violence erupted outside a Midland pub, a court was told.   Fifty-six-year old Stephen Hubbard was pushed so hard he had to have hospital treatment, Birmingham magistrates were told. David Mitchison, 48, from Walsall, who was accused of using ‘excessive force’ in the incident has denied assaulting Mr Hubbard.   Harbinder Gahir, prosecuting, said at around 6pm on March 9 last year there had been an incident outside the Tap and Tanner pub in Walsall between two men.   He said there were a number of on-lookers, including Mr Hubbard, who was on the other side of the street. “It is at that point PC Mitchison approached Mr Hubbard and without any real warning or informing him to move away, he pushed him so hard that he fell to the concrete floor.   “As a consequence he had an injury to the back of his head which required five or six stitches put in place to stop the bleeding.” Mr Gahir said the officer later made a statement claiming that after initially being cooperative Mr Hubbard had become abusive and threatening. He said when he took hold of the man’s forearm he felt it tense and thought Mr Hubbard was about to punch him so he pushed him away with his open palms.   “The Crown would say on viewing the CCTV that is clearly not the case. “What ensued was actually a blatant push by PC Mitchison who was not acting in the course of his duty. “What PC Mitchison did was effectively to abuse his position and the force he used was excessive and disproportionate to what took place.”   Mr Hubbard told the court he had been at the pub with his wife and that he had gone outside when the trouble started.   “A WPC was being shouted at by a member of the public who was causing trouble. I wanted to calm him down. That is probably my biggest mistake,” he said. Mr Hubbard said that PC Mitchison had come over to him and was being “mouthy.”   He went on “He was just showing his authority. He said a few words and I said a few words and the next thing I knew I was on the floor.” He said he had not been threatening in any way and continued “He just hit me with his full force. I did not even see him coming.” Mr Hubbard said he spent about six hours in hospital and had been told he had been arrested for assaulting PC Mitchison. He said he was later told he had been de-arrested. (Proceeding)   http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/pc-used-excessive-force-during-8753719#ICID=sharebar_twitter  

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