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Found 11 results

  1. Evening all, Just wondering if anyone has any direct experience of working for NPAS specifically as a tactical flight officer, I'm trying to view or understand the medical standards required? I figured I'd ask here before going to my own HR team to ask. Thanks in advance.
  2. Police are deliberately not calling helicopters because they cost too much or take too long to arrive, potentially allowing criminals to escape, according to a damning new report. Full Story - Independent It's good that this problem is being reported by quite a lot of different news agencies, but it's sad that almost half of calls are cancelled because the helicopter would arrive too late. It's good that HMIC accepts that all NPAS delivers is cost saving and not a better service. Regarding coverage, about a year ago when base closures were announced there was an image go
  3. A police helicopter base serving Cambridgeshire is closing - but residents will now see fixed wing aircraft chasing criminals for the first time. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/criminals-chased-police-aeroplanes-cambridgeshire-12758419
  4. A police helicopter base serving Cambridgeshire is closing - but residents will now see fixed wing aircraft chasing criminals for the first time. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/criminals-chased-police-aeroplanes-cambridgeshire-12758419
  5. Breathtaking images captured from the skies above London offer a glimpse of the capital as you’ve never seen it before. The National Police Air Service’s (NPAS) London branch has unveiled a gallery of stunning shots taken from officers and pilots throughout 2016. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/police-helicopters-breathtaking-photos-from-the-skies-above-london-a3425911.html
  6. Posh

    Coached Patrol

    Shift: Saturday Coached Patrol Rank: Special Constable Length of Service: 3 years Planned duty: 1400-0200 Unfortunately I haven't bothered trying to estimate timings as it was such a busy shift we were here there and everywhere! Having recently got my driving ticket I like running coached patrol shifts for newer officers to help them achieve evidence for their PACs and SOROC (read SOLAP for anyone who isn't Met). I arrived before the start of the shift to get ready and book on and saw the two student officers who would be coming out with me and my oppo. We would be out in a Q car to help
  7. A police helicopter went on a 40-mile round trip after reports of a cry for help – only to discover it was a goat and her kid.   A member of the public dialled 999, saying they heard screams for help inside Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.   The National Police Air Service helicopter, which is fitted with video-imaging equipment, was scrambled to the popular tourist attraction from its base at Filton near Bristol, 20 miles away.   But, within minutes of arriving over the scene on Wednesday, the crew realised the sounds were coming from a goat and her offspring.   The
  8. I have seen this image circulating around social media. I haven't checked how accurate the facts quoted are but from previous information I have seen it seems to correlate. Looking at other information on cuts there appears to be a clear divide between London and the rest of the country. Cuts appear to be affecting everyone again apart from the people who are enacting them sat in their cosy westminster offices...
  9. One-third of police helicopter bases in England and Wales could be closed because of government funding cuts, the BBC has learned. The National Police Air Service (NPAS) is considering plans to reduce the number of its bases to 15. It currently operates from 20 bases and there are plans for three more to be made available by September 2016. But the service is facing cuts and is considering a "15-base model" rather than the planned 23. 'Difficult decisions' NPAS was launched in October 2012 to co-ordinate the deployment of police helicopters in England and Wales, which were
  10. A police officer has been suspended over allegations that he was using his force’s helicopter to film people having sex at dogging spots. Adrian Pogmore, 48, is alleged to have then taken the footage he collected home with him, according to The Sun. One source told the paper that he obtained footage of one couple at it down a country lane. Mr Pogmore, who is a father-of-two working for South Yorkshire Police, is believed to have split up with his wife, Lesley, 49, who then contacted police. A source told the paper: ‘They removed a disc and after interviewing him concluded that
  11. Topic for all NPAS Chat Did you get a better service from your forces air support unit or has NPAS enhanced the service you receive?

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