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Found 3 results

  1. The government hasn't officially given us a pay cut but with inflation at 2.5% and predicted to peak at between 3 and 4% our pay freeze means that we will be receiving a pay cut. That is also on top of the last 10 years of freezes and under inflation rises. We've worked through covid and received platitudes from the government but nothing which really acknowledges the effort we put in to help keep the nation safe.
  2. HMService1545925553

    The Economic Time Bomb

    Dear All, I feel like that scruffy guy on the street corner with a sign upon which the fateful words "The End is Nigh" is written. At the risk of being laughed out of sight I will share with you my suspicions and potential predictions for the UK which I think is close to financial implosion. This URL with a couple of minor issues pretty much sums up why I feel the way I do. http://info.moneyweek.com/urgent-bulletins/the-end-of-britain-3/?utm_expid=40940913-15.Npam9a8iRUSgdlVUzklU6g.2&infinity=gaw~UKGOO-BRAND-SPART-Brand-REMAR~UKGOO-BRAND+EXACT+End%20of%20Britain~28435460942~moneyweek%20end%20of%20britain~e&gclid=CPTw0rn817wCFVDLtAodkQgAWQ&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Faclk%3Fsa%3Dl%26ai%3DCQ-B7FYYEU4TaEoj57QaAxYCQBP6iw5oEvo-GmWrOl4_6qwEIABABULjNvdwHYLvul4PQCqAB9P3R_gPIAQGpAv8CkH3BDLw-qgQhT9DwJo77mVoZAq6EB3od3SPd6Hbfa54JayH_MSc4_roxgAf0ga4BkAcD%26sig%3DAOD64_1u7O014VOuJwNJ7GHXVkVEZaGLow%26rct%3Dj%26frm%3D1%26q%3Dmoneyweek%2Bend%2Bof%2Bbritain%26ved%3D0CC0Q0Qw%26adurl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Finfo.moneyweek.com%2Furgent-bulletins%2Fthe-end-of-britain%2F%253Finfinity%253Dgaw~UKGOO-BRAND-SPART-Brand-REMAR~UKGOO-BRAND%252BEXACT%252BEnd%252520of%252520Britain~28435460942~moneyweek%252520end%252520of%252520britain~e In summary- Our debt is so high now, there are no measures we can take to pay it back. Despite all austerity measures this government has had to borrow more than Blair and Brown combined. Borrowing is inevitably increasing and the only reason the UK's head remains above water is because the interest rates are being held low. When they cant be held low anymore HMG will not be able to repay the interest. Our credit rating will be removed and we will be unable to borrow more. When that happens, going by the actions of other governments, and this governments previous sense of entitlement, they will do a few things much as the drowning man will clutch at anything... Taxation will increase...and I mean a lot and very suddenly. Savings belonging to the public will be restrained and you wont be able to withdraw cash or invest offshore. Private pensions will be nationalised (read seized) and amended. When all that is done they will start printing money and inflation will go orbital. Then we get to the point where it is cheaper to blow your nose on a £50 note than buy a tissue. Immigration will stop and reverse and people will bail out of the UK and try to find a better standard of living abroad- UK ex pats will be encroaching on the welfare of other EU countries. People will suffer, standards of living will nose dive and some people will die in poverty. I would further posit that all the advances of technology of the 20th and 21st centuries have led us to the position where globally there is sufficient resources to feed and clothe everyone and ensure a fair standard of living.(And yes that includes the very poor in the third world). However human nature seems to be founded on greed. 90-95% of the world wealth (we are just talking silly numbers here-The money is just a way of keeping score and is no longer practical money-It has already far exceeded its maximimums relative to the acquisition of power) is held by a very small percentage of the world population. This leads us to the rather ironic situation where for the sake of some meaningless numbers getting a little higher on a computer screen, food and medicine and supplies remain in warehouses undistributed. This has always been the way in the third world and I can speak from personal knowledge of Kenya, Uganda and Cambodia, the game score far outweighs the lives that could be saved. Previously we have been happy to let this happen being safe in the Western World-It didn't really effect us. My point is-If this all does go properly bent as I think it will when the interest rates rise, and it ends up costing £20k to buy a loaf of bread- I would like people to know- There is plenty of resources for everyone-We will all be suffering for the sake of some meaningless numbers on a computer screen. HMS
  3. The Royal Mail business model doesn't appear to be sustainable but I doubt very many people affected by this will see it that way.
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