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Found 45 results

  1. Whitehall Hack

    Area Cars

    Do forces outside London have high performance 'Area' or 'RT' cars? The Met have 3 and 5 series BMW estates and other vehicles with bigger engines. These are driven by borough officers not traffic. Most local cars I see are Peugeot. Never seen a high powered response car?
  2. Version 1.2


    Downloadable version
  3. A cop killer who mowed down a police officer is back behind the wheel while banned from driving. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-killer-who-mowed-down-19116373.amp
  4. XA84

    Driving Permits

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to point out the differences in training and examinations for the various types of driving permits for officers. At present my force currently has basic, response and advanced. Any advice is appreciated. XA84
  5. Hi there other officers I’m currently investigating a reckless driving case here in Wawa Ontario Canada there has been lots of speeders driving over the speed limit in Wawa Ontario Canada on government road and tamarack ave my suggestion is for the drivers to be pulled over and brought to justice for reckless driving and they should loose there driving licence under a court order suspension for 30 days contact the Wawa Ontario provincial police at 1888-310-1122 to leave a tip thanks stay safe everyone have a great night
  6. Many drivers are breaking the law without even realising https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/how-you-could-lose-your-14377497 There's a poll on our Twitter feed on the same subject:
  7. Next year I'm considering making a request for a standard driving course, which whilst not unprecedented, it is unusual for specials in my force. To do this I'm told I need to make a business case, which is what I'm preparing. Does anyone have experience of making such a business case before please, such that they can share the points that they believe were most persuasive? I'd also be interested to know approximately how much the 3 week standard (excluding initial pursuit) course costs if anyone knows. Suggestions on points consider when making the case also appreciated. FYI I'm a 'career special' with 6 years service based in a combined neighborhood and response team in a rural force with some fast roads on the patch. I'm already basic + compliant stop + carrier authorised. Thanks in advance.
  8. XA84

    D1 Driving Entitlement

    Afternoon all, I'm hoping to get some clarification on the D1 category. I understand that this is this required for the larger PSU vehicles like the typical IVECO ones: I understand that this can be taken as a course through your own force but how does it work. Does the force teach you and then you go to the DVLA for an test or is there an approved examiner working with the police. I only ask as with every other vehicle it's just a case of whether you can drive a car unless your a motorcyclist Thanks in advance. XA84
  9. PSCBen Brooker

    Advanced Driving

    Hi Everyone, I am a police officer coming through the specials process at the moment (I have been accepted and start training in November) 1) I currently only hold a Full Manual Licence. Am I going to be more attractive to the police regulars if i undertake special driving courses or broaden the vehicles i'm able to drive for example maybe getting my Motorbike licence or undertaking a ROSPA advance driving course? 2) As someone with medical knowledge I could carry extra items and responded to medical emergencies as well. Would this knowledge put me 'ahead in the queue when it comes to driving with the police as you are more useful, if you get what i'm saying? 3) If i undertake driving courses and they cross with what you have to completed in the police later down the line for example a traffic cop, would you have to re-do them, i don't want to waste money....... 4) How long until you start driving solo patrol in the specials, is it part of training/ force specific? Thank you for your answers everyone!
  10. Following on from this topic, I have collated all the data and put it into a graph as show below. I appreciate some of the data may not be accurate because of changes in policy. If you find that something is inaccurate please leave a comment below, private message me or fill out the survey in the topic linked above and I will update the table when I can. I would ask that you only feed me information that you know to be true to keep it as accurate as possible. If you do this then please leave a reply in the comments box saying how you know this to be true. You will notice that there are some blank area's and this is because I haven't been given the information yet so the above paragraph applies. Hope you all find it useful Downloadable version available here: Updated 05/07/17
  11. On Friday 26th June 2017, less than a week ago, I passed out as a PC. Since my last update, training has been a mixture a three week response driving course, final knowledge checks and consolidation days, parade practice and our pass out parade. Our standard response driving course was incredible and by far one of the best parts of the 26 week training course. We traveled up and down the force every day at crazy speeds and I loved every second of it, blue lights especially! The final driving test was so nerve-wracking, so much more scary than my actual driving test, and passing with only three minors left me absolutely over the moon and so ready to jump in a job car for real. Since finishing the driving course, we've been back in HQ for some frantic, last-minute lessons that we've missed throughout the six months and preparation for our Pass Out parade which would soon be coming up. And it did soon come! With our final week having finally arrived, I think a weird sense of bitter-sweet came over all of us, including our trainers. The day we'd all been waiting and wishing for since the day we got our acceptances, and now that it was finally here, we were sad for training to be coming to an end. The bond that we made as a group was something I never thought would happen in such a short time. The friends I have made on the training course are ones I know I will be mates with for life, a reminder of where we all started and a friendly face to turn to in times of need. The day of our Pass Out soon came around and with bulled boots and pressed uniform, we all lined up ready to march in in front of all of our family and friends for a final farewell. I've never felt more proud of myself, and those around me, in my whole life. I cannot believe the amount I have learnt in the past six months and even more so cannot believe that it's over. Our trainer calls us to attention and we all individually get called up to receive our certificates and shake the chiefs hand. Then come the awards, the Highest Achiever going to the officer who is coming to my station with me, who deserved such an award so much for all his hard work, the Most Improved award for one of the single mums on the course who has improved in confidence every single day since day one, and the Chief Constables Award for Outstanding Achievement, which was awarded to one of the best friends I've ever made in my whole life, a girl who deserved it more than anyone else in the world and who was born to be PC. I am so proud of all of us for making it this far and every single one of the people I trained with will make excellent officers! I think the realisation has hit me now that this is it, it's finally time to get out there for real. I've never been so nervous but excited in my life! I've also never cried as much as I did on our last day, realising that most of us will be working opposite ends of a very large force and some of us may never cross paths again. But I'm so ready for the start of the real training, my tutorship out on division, which will last 15 weeks, and the rest of my career in such an amazing job. Yesterday, I met John Sutherland, author of 'Blue: A Memoir, Keeping the Peace and Falling to Pieces', a man who has quickly become an inspiration to me and who's book I highly recommend to everyone, whether in the job or not. Bring on Sunday and my first ever shift as a PC!! Thank you for reading x
  12. Plod

    Parallel Crossings

    Hi, parallel crossings have been popping up all over London and I've received a fair bit of abuse for using them. I know that in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 it says drivers should give way to cyclists on the portion designated for them (and pedestrians in the part designated for them) but this frequently doesn't happen. Because the DfT is the DfT of course it isn't in the Highway Code or been publicised at all and so I very much doubt a jury would ever convict, so I was wondering what the police response would be?
  13. LosingGrip

    Driving not in proper control

    Afternoon PC.com, Hoping someone can help me a little as I seem to be getting different answers from different people. With the offence of 'Driving whilst not in proper control' I have had some officers say that holding something in your hands is enough, IE a drink. Others have said it needs to impact their driving. So eating and crossing into the next lane for example. I'm leaning towards just having something in your hands, as I could drive down with a mobile phone to my ear and drive in a straight line and get a fine and points, but drive with a mug of coffee in my hands and nothing. Anyone able to offer some advice? Trying to google but using my phone and struggling. Thanks.
  14. I have finally got round to making a updated version of the Driving Permissions.
  15. Please bear with me, this is my last updated version, it is a little out but it gives you a good idea until I get the current updated one online PCW
  16. I have my basic driving assessment coming up next month. Any one have any tips for the actual driving assessment? Like what should I expect and how long I would be actually driving for? Not going to lie but I hate parallel parking, and I've never driven a car bigger than a Fiesta, let alone an estate Focus....
  17. XA84

    Advanced Driving

    Hey guys and girls, Just wondering whether officers can take their standard driving course or advanced drivers course if they have speeding penalty points? Thanks XA84
  18. The opinion of the court was also published (see here).
  19. Just wanted to get an update as to what individual forces allow with regard to driving in the special constabulary. The old table is a a few years out of date - I know a few forces have new policies now. Here's a survey for you to complete if you like. I'll collate the responses into a snazzy table. Mods: Wasn't sure whether to put this in the specials recruitment forum or not. Please move if you think necessary.
  20. 'PC Nicola Townsend drove a 45-minute journey to work having drunk three glasses of vodka the previous evening' http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/ashamed-drink-drive-police-officer-10268192 Pretty standard response from the force as expected.
  21. I was watching this video last night which captured people driving like lunatics on a fairly busy public roundabout and noticed that the police didn't seem to do much about it. What could they have done and what would you have done?
  22. So I've more recent rumours that the CSO is pushing to get Specials onto standard courses, at least in a limited numbers. I know that driver training are over the hump of the huge backlog they had so although they're still very busy, capacity may be possible soon. From what I hear the CSO is resonably confident he can get something through, so we'll see. With that said, I've heard rumours in several incarnations pretty much my entire service and I'm yet to see anything actually happen.
  23. So, in the spirit of the 'what I did on duty' blogs, I thought I'd fill you in on perhaps my shortest duty ever which occurred only yesterday. I've no doubt that some of you will feel that I acted unnecessarily but I'm satisfied with my actions.All times are approximate as I really wasn't expecting to keep track of time: 15:45 - I've been out for a walk with the dog. We went for a wade in the river and I'm a passenger in the car on the way home. I've just finished looping up her long lead and hoop it over my shoulder so that I don't have to carry it and fight with the dog when we get her out the car. It's a glorious sunny day and traffic in town is relatively heavy for a sunny Saturday afternoon thanks to some event or another in town. 15:46 - We pull up at some traffic lights. We're in lane two, in the knowledge that lane one quickly becomes obstructed with parked cars just after the junction. I hear something playing unnecessarily loud music pull up to our left and have a glance up. It's a blue Astra or Vectra; I get confused with the older models. I think nothing of it and we pull off from the junction. 15:47 - No distance at all down the road, and I can see what's about to happen. We're following a nice black Mercedes, very new, very clean and clearly well looked after. It's in lane two with us. Vectra boy is in lane one and is desperate to make progress, whatever the cost! He puts a sprint in down lane one, quickly approaching some parked cars, clearly trying to undertake the Mercedes. The Mercedes driver is having none of it and puts his own sprint in to close the gap. Neither of them will let this go lightly, and I start to make a comment to my driver, who gives me the "if you get involved..." look. Both cars slow down a little, but with next to no warning, Vectra really sticks his foot down and swings the wheel right, shoving his way right in front of Mercedes. Mercedes has to slam the brakes on, shortly followed by us. Vectra had left about one and a half car widths between the parked car in lane one and Mercedes to mark a dart for it, and he'd somehow been successful. Bemused, I begin to make another comment, but realise that we're not moving, and neither are Vectra and Mercedes. I notice Vectra start to drive off and feel satisfied that nothing will come of this, although I find that my hand is already on my seatbelt release - just in case. Suddenly, Mercedes opens his door and cusses at Vectra; nothing outrageous, but clearly inappropriate. What Mercedes doesn't realise is that rather than stick his car, which is clearly an automatic, into 'park', he's stuck it in reverse and it's now slowly rolling its way towards us. Mercedes realises his error and jumps back into his car foot first. He slams the brakes on, probably at the same time that Vectra does, who's heard Mercedes shout and is really not impressed. Vectra flies out of his car and takes six of the twelves paces towards Mercedes in record time. I fling my seatbelt off, mindful that I am in fact on my own, but satisfied that we're A) close enough to the nick, B) in a public enough place that if things go really wrong I'll get at least some help and C) suitably covered by CCTV that I can put in an appearance. I flick my seatbelt off, open the door and I'm not quite out of the car before a nice loud bellow of "POLICE OFFICER, GET BACK IN YOUR CAR, NOW!" erupts from my lungs. It clearly has some effect, as there's the order of a few seconds where everyone just stands still and there's an awful silence. Keeping myself behind the car door, I point the finger at both drivers and instruct both to get in and walk away. I'm already of the mind-set that whilst Vectra has clearly driven carelessly, Mercedes could've just been the bigger man and let him into the lane, and that frankly they're as bad as each other. I simply want each driver back in their car and going home as quickly as possible. Vectra mutters something at Mercedes, who replies to the effect of "watch it mate, there's a police officer there." Mercedes is clearly more respectful, and is aged perhaps late forties, early fifties. Vectra on the other hand looks like he's got a chip on his shoulder and is aged perhaps in his early to mid twenties. Satisfied that neither of them are brick outbuildings, I leave the safety of the car door and step towards the nearside of the Mercedes. I implore both of them to just get back in their cars and go home. Mercedes starts to state that he's annoyed at Vectra and I interrupt him, saying that I know, I'll have a quick word, I've seen it happen, but if they want to talk about it they'll pull into the convenient parking space on the left and act like adults rather than have a shouting match in the street. Mercedes seems to want none of it, and starts to get back in his car. Vectra starts to walk back and I start to catch up with him. He turns to me with the "I'm going to protest like a little child" face on that a number of us are familiar with, and starts to whine that he "HASN'T DUN NUFFIN". I give him the look, and find suitable words of advice: calm down. Satisfied that both drivers are getting back in their cars, I walk back to my driver who is clearly unimpressed with my intervention and feels perhaps a little embarrassed at being associated as a Police WAG. On the way back to the car, I realise that I still have the 10m dog lead around my shoulders - I wonder for a fleeting moment if they thought I was a dog handler, complete with dog! 15:49 - The whole thing is over in next to no time. Whilst I've identified myself as Police, no names were given or warrant cards shown and I'm satisfied that the incident was resolved with minimal effort. On the way back home, I start to shake a little, and realise that I've had rather a dose of adrenaline. Having not been on shift for what feels like aeons, and living so far from my duty station, I'm not sure if I've missed it or not!
  24. SimonT

    D1 carrier

    We are running pretty low on carrier drivers because we are running out of people who were old enough to automatically get the entitlement, so i was going to sort mine out. However, i cant quite get my head around what i am required to do. Its generally refered to as a d1. But, as far as i can see, D1 is not for minibus (which is what i think a carrier comes under) a D2 is, but this covers a bus and lorry licence and i dont want to do that. Has anyone got their carrier licence in the new way, ie getting their licence after 1997 i think it was?
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