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  1. Taking Witness Statements

    This download is a great example and guide on how to conduct and statement witness interviews. A must have for all police staff.




  2. BTP (RAILWAY) Byelaw PNB Reference Sheet

    This reference is designed for use by ALL officers who may find themselves in the vicinity of railway property, as they may find byelaw offences useful to them.
    Simply download it, and resize it to fit your PNB. You may distribute this amongst your team if you wish, just please leave the credits up the top right so that people can come back here to get updated versions as necessary.
    These byelaws are the standard Railway Byelaws and are not enforceable on the Tube, they have their own set.
    Similarly, if anyone notices any issues with the reference, or if there are byelaw changes, please let me know and I will update the reference sheet.




  3. Number Plates & The Law

    Need to know the regulations in relation to number plates - make sure you have this guide with you on patrol to ensure you are right in your beliefs.




  4. Road Traffic Act 1988

    Here is the relevant legislation under the Road Traffic Act 1988 for you to use.




  5. Police Job Related Fitness Test - (Bleep Test Audio File)

    The 15 metre shuttle run is maximal and progressive, i.e. the test gets harder as it progresses, and you work to exhaustion. The test is run to and fro along a 15 metre course as and when indicated by the electronic bleep. You will start at one end of the gymnasium and you will run to the end line of the course. You should arrive at the other end of the course when the bleep sounds, turn 180 degrees and run back to the other end of the gym, again in time with the bleep. If you arrive at the line before the bleep has sounded you should stop, turn and wait for the bleep to sound before you start running. You should then adjust your running speed to ensure you reach the line when the bleep sounds.
    If you fail to contact the line when the bleep sounds you will be given a first warning. If you fail to contact the next consecutive line on the bleep, you will be given a second warning. If you fail to contact the third consecutive line on the bleep your test will end. 
    However, if after the first or second warning you contact the next line on the bleep, your warnings are cancelled and you continue with your test. The warnings are there to let you know that you have fallen off the pace, and that if you wish to continue, you must increase your running speed.
    You are not allowed to run around the line in a circle, if you do, you will be warned. If you continue to run in circles you will be called out of the test. You are not allowed to leave either end before the bleep has sounded. If you do so you will be warned. If you continue to leave early you will be called out of the test.
    You are required to reach level 5 shuttle 4 to pass the endurance test. If you fail to reach level 5 shuttle 4 you would have failed the test as a whole. 




  6. Searching Motor Vehicles - Tips

    Whether you are searching for drugs, contraband, weapons or evidence, vehicle searches are one of the most important searches that as police officers you will carry out. They often result in some critical evidence being recovered but with so many places to conceal vital evidence, how will you systematically approach searching a motor vehicle? This guide has some very practical tips.




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