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About this blog

So, I've been meaning to do this for about a year and I'm hoping this can be a blog about some of the shifts or incidents I've attended over the last 3.5 years as a special working out of a city based station. Everything is anonymous and some dates and descriptions have been changed or switched to protect all involved, however the everything else is true. I have decided to it more as a story than as a set of PNB entry's just because that is what I felt like. I'm also an atrocious speller so if it doesn't make sense it me not you.

All feedback welcome.

Entries in this blog

Day 1

Rank: Special Shift: Response The previous week I collected most my operation uniform, minus my CS and radio from the central store at the forces HQ. I had taken it home opened it all and possibly tried it all on my bedroom. I looked like a police officer but I didn’t feel like one! Finally after what seemed like the longest week ever I was driving to the station for the first time, I drove through the metal gates and parked. I got all the gear id been given and attempted to carry it a



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