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What Happens After I Apply?

Chief Bakes

What happens after I apply?

Once you have applied to become a special constable, here's what to expect.

Most forces will require you to take the National Recruit Assessment Process for the Special Constabulary, which assess candidates against the role related competencies needed to be a special constable.

While most forces now run this process, some may have their own recruitment processes in place.

Candidates applying to forces that have adopted the Specials National Recruit Assessment Process may be required to fill in a Competency Based Questionnaire (CBQ), which will be part of the application form.

All candidates will take a Situational Judgement Test where candidates are asked to use their judgement to rate the effectiveness of response options to a number of scenarios, as well as a written test and a competency-based structured interview. Some forces may additionally conduct second interviews.

Most forces apply the same fitness standards as regular police officers, so candidates can expect to take the same full-scale fitness test that regular officers take to establish their fitness for the role.  Forces may also request a medical examination that is performed either by the force occupational health unit, or by your family doctor.  Eyesight is particularly important and you may need to have your eyes checked by an optician as part of your assessment.

If successful at this stage, you will be asked to attend formal training, which is usually in the evening and at weekends. It is designed to ensure that you are thoroughly grounded in the basic aspects of police work before you can begin to carry out police duties. You will be trained in self defence, powers of arrest, common crimes and preparing evidence for court, among other things.

Once you're trained

Once your training is complete, you will arrange a schedule with the force that fits in with your other commitments.

For further information about the recruitment and training process for the Special Constabulary, please contact your chosen force.


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