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Chief Bakes

Develops strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Breaks down barriers between groups and involves others in discussions and decisions.

Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it. Actively helps and supports others to achieve team goals.


Positive Indicators

  • Understands own role in a team.
  • Actively takes part in team tasks in the workplace.
  • Is open and approachable.
  • Makes time to get to know people.
  • Co-operates with and supports others.
  • Offers to help other people.
  • Asks for and accepts help when needed.
  • Develops mutual trust and confidence in others.
  • Willingly takes on unpopular or routine tasks.
  • Contributes to team objectives no matter what the direct personal benefit may be.
  • Acknowledges that there is often a need to be a member of more than one team.


Negative Indicators

  • Does not volunteer to help other team members.
  • Is only interested in taking part in high-profile and interesting activities.
  • Takes credit for successes without recognising the contribution of others.
  • Works to own agenda rather than contributing to team performance.
  • Allows small exclusive groups of people to develop.
  • Plays one person off against another.
  • Restricts and controls what information is shared.
  • Does not let people say what they think.
  • Does not offer advice or get advice from others.
  • Shows little interest in working jointly with other groups to meet the goals of everyone involved.
  • Does not discourage conflict within the organisation.


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