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Chief Bakes

Develops strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Breaks down barriers between groups and involves others in discussions and decisions.

Creates working partnerships inside and outside the organisation. Develops links with outside stakeholders to get different views. Develops strategies to help people work together to achieve organisational goals.


Positive Indicators

  • Promotes joint working and partnership with stakeholders and other organizations to meet the goals of everyone involved.
  • Develops relations with outside agencies to achieve organisational goals.
  • Draws together people from a wide range of internal and external groups to works on joint action plans.
  • Tries to get stakeholders to agree on emotive or complex issues.
  • Maintains and draws on a network of contacts in influential or specialist positions.
  • Sets up forums, including a large mix of ranks and grades, to deal with major issues.
  • Combines the activities of different units and divisions to make sure they work together.
  • Works closely with other parts of the organisation to gain their active support.
  • Shares information and power with other people, making sure they have all they need to know.
  • Makes sure hierarchy does not affect how effective the organisation is.
  • Identifies the main causes of low morale or conflict, and finds ways of dealing with them.


Negative Indicators

  • Does not volunteer to help other team members.
  • Is only interested in taking part in high-profile and interesting activities.
  • Takes credit for successes without recognising the contribution of others.
  • Works to own agenda rather than contributing to team performance.
  • Allows small exclusive groups of people to develop.
  • Plays one person off against another.
  • Restricts and controls what information is shared.
  • Does not let people say what they think.
  • Does not offer advice or get advice from others.
  • Shows little interest in working jointly with other groups to meet the goals of everyone involved.
  • Does not discourage conflict within the organisation.


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