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Chief Bakes

Looks at issues with a broad view to achieve the organisation’s goals. Thinks ahead and prepares for the future.

Takes an interest in the organisation beyond own role. Acts in the best interests of the organisation as a whole, rather than just own area or department. Understands policies and procedures, and prepares for the consequences of own actions.


Positive Indicators

  • Understands the main issues that affect the police service.
  • Keeps up with developments in own part, and other parts, of the organisation.
  • Understands what the organisation is trying to achieve.
  • Understands how own role contributes to achieving the goals of the whole organisation.
  • Understands what other areas of the organisation do, and where to get information.
  • Is aware of the policies and procedures that have been set.
  • Acts in the organisation’s best interests.
  • Thinks through the wider consequences of own actions.


Negative Indicators

  • Is not aware of organisational strategy.
  • Does not recognise the links between related activities or functions.
  • Is not interested in what is going on outside own area.
  • Does not see the possible damaging effects of actions or decisions on other parts of the organisation.
  • Criticises or does not support organisational policies.
  • Is not willing to accept or co-operate with organisational policy.
  • Focuses on short-term issues, ignoring long-term effects.
  • Is not aware of the effect of own actions on other agencies.
  • Does not see the wider picture.
  • Is not aware of political issues.
  • Does not predict and prepare for problems.


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