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Chief Bakes

Looks at issues with a broad view to achieve the organisation’s goals. Thinks ahead and prepares for the future.

Concentrates on issues that support the broad organisational strategy. Maintains a broad view, and understands and considers the interests and aims of other units or outside organisations.


Positive Indicators

  • Makes sure own team’s ways of working are in line with the strategic direction of the organisation.
  • Concentrates on issues that support organisational strategy.
  • Thinks across functional and unit boundaries, understanding how their actions will affect other people.
  • Thinks strategically beyond own role or specialist area.
  • Raises awareness of strategic issues.
  • Finds ways of exposing people to ways of working outside the service.
  • Tries to influence organisational strategy, culture and direction.
  • Predicts the effects of complex problems and issues and takes appropriate action.
  • Considers the longer term and broader view, even when having to respond quickly.
  • Predicts the effect of legislation on the organisation and prepares for it.


Negative Indicators

  • Is not aware of organisational strategy.
  • Does not recognise the links between related activities or functions.
  • Is not interested in what is going on outside own area.
  • Does not see the possible damaging effects of actions or decisions on other parts of the organisation.
  • Criticises or does not support organisational policies.
  • Is not willing to accept or co-operate with organisational policy.
  • Focuses on short-term issues, ignoring long-term effects.
  • Is not aware of the effect of own actions on other agencies.
  • Does not see the wider picture.
  • Is not aware of political issues.
  • Does not predict and prepare for problems.


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